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There are no thought forms out there you need to adopt...

Beyond those that make living in this camouflage reality possible.

Many say the world is run out of London

And that the Rothchilds and Royal family are involved.

Lest we forget: Stanlisov Petrov

The return of Apeman

Are storms a sign of (1) god's wrath...

(2) Human's tumultuous emotions
(3) The result of impersonal forces?

All worldly institutions bow down before Money

Whether they be science-based, religious, academic, or any other group, Money lords over all worldly institutions and directs them, if they be anything but the tiniest of organizations.  As a result the authority of these groups cannot be trusted.  Instead, they serve Money, the ultimate liar.
When Lorded by money we are each and all Whores of Babylon.
"No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God (truth) and money." Luke 16:13 (New International Version)

For lies to take hold it can take years...

But sometimes it's much quicker than that!

The good and bad of western medicine

When looking at western medicine you've got to separate the wheat from the chaff, the tried and tested procedures and products that work from the procedures and products which represent more a business opportunity for the industry than anything else, and may be actively harmful.People may ask: who do we distinguish? By looking into the matter, including well researched people on both, or more, sides of the argument!There is also your gut feeling which should not be neglected. My own approach is: if I'm not ill I don't seek intervention. If I am ill I will explore the options available to me.I trust myself to make daily adjustments to keep myself in balance, something that should be relatively straightforward to do!

In California it was simple to bankroll a pro-vaxx candidate...

To bring in Draconian child vaccination legislation which made it illegal to have an "unvaccinated"* child in a government school.That changed the whole playing field of what was possible for raising kids in California.California Uber Alles, anybody?
*"Unvaccinated" A child who has not received the government legislated vaccines for a child its age.

They knew and did nothing... So the karma...

Is on them!

“Everyone was sick and now they’re not! Polio!”

The rantings of a mad pro-vaxxer.

I like to thank the trees as I walk pass them for their efforts...

... providing shade, moisture in the air, shelter, companionship, a home for animals, etc.

It’s no good getting laid and getting paid...

... if you’re serving the devil!

Pro-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers are never going to agree, which is why...

... we need health freedom enshrined in the constitution!

This is the only way to stop people going at each other's throats and governments from using their unhealthy influence to force people's will to do the evil bidding of their true masters.

Just as we have freedom of religion enshrined in the constitution we need health freedom because sovereignty over our own body is even more important that the ability to practice our faith (if any) freely.

The best areas to cultive and to leave alone

It’s best to leave the natural vegetation alone on steep hills and in areas around water courses and only farm and log areas that are raised and away from these areas. These areas left to nature should connect up in such a way as to allow wild animals to range freely throughout them rather than being trapped in islands of nature surrounded by inhospitable and difficult to cross human created environments.

Cults are fine, as long as...

Erika Laxis
 you don't join one!

Childhood vaccines and vestigal Christian beliefs

The answer to the question: is the body born whole or is it deficient in some way holds the answer to our view on childhood vaccination. A strong faith in vaccines is associated with a strong faith in worldly authorities and with little or no faith in God, or the creative source.

The medical science believers lack of faith in the body mirrors Christianity's notion of original sin. In science the solution to original sin, or inherent human incompleteness and error, is vaccines and circumcision. In Christianity, it is baptism and submission to the church's authority.

Many mistake common belief for truth

I thought the Illuminati were letting out a highly disruptive sound...

But it was only the fridge!

The takeover of medicine last century - UNKNOWN AUTHOR

Just a century ago, there were 22 homeopathic medical schools, 100 homeopathic hospitals, and over 1,000 homeopathic pharmacies. Boston University, Stanford University, and New York Medical College all taught homeopathy.

This all changed due to the Flexnor Report — officially known as Medical Education in the United States and Canada — in 1910. The report was an attempt to align medical education under a set of norms that emphasized laboratory research and the patenting of medicine. The report was funded by John Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie, among others.

Rockefeller and Carnegie offered grants to the best medical schools in America — with a caveat: only an allopathic-based curriculum could be taught. Thus, Rockefeller and Carnegie systematically dismantled the courses of these schools by removing any mention of the natural healing power of herbs and plants, or of the importance of diet to health.

Rockefeller used his power to influence Congress into declaring the AMA (American Me…

Some people think every person is a role played by god, also known as...

The Self!

Imposed routines are against my religion...

Which makes me a very naughty boy!

As a living being, we need to avoid being caught up in a manmade...

Mechanical structure...

Which pre-decides our every moment.

Everybody's selling something (BUYER BEWARE)

It's important to realise there are no objective bearers of facts, only sellers of opinion, or perspective.

Everybody's selling something, or they wouldn't bother to speak. How closely the opinions they share align with actual realities is not made clear by the number of people who share their opinions or by how fiercely they are held.
Neither characteristic is indicative of truth, as both qualities have been associated with falsehood in the past, and so cannot be relied upon now.
Therefore, when weighing up the information we receive we must exercise discretion and apply the maxim: buyer beware!

Should we be getting excited about heaven?

Star Trek is full of miracles described as "technology", whereas Star Wars...

Has the force!

I would like to be rude and obnoxious...

But I've got some ridiculous identity...
To protect!

DMT and Ketamine give some people the impression they are interacting with,

Or observing, independent "alien" creatures, foreign to those they have known on earth.

The push for greater institutionalisation of kids...

Has been in place for some time.

A quote on vaccine contaminants

“I'm sure all of you are aware what a vaccine is. Essentially, it's a virus in liquid that we inject. The viruses are long strands of RNA or DNA, thousands of RNA molecules or DNA molecules. It's too expensive to make the virus in a test tube. What the pharmaceutical companies do is they mimic nature's way of making viruses and they infect cells. The cells produce the virus and then they try to purify the virus away from the cellular material to put it in our final product. Anyone who has ever taken chemistry would know that no final product is ever pure. You would particularly know that when you go from a small scale manufacturing or production batch to a large scale batch your impurities increase dramatically in your final product.

In your final product there are contaminants from the cell that was used to make the virus. When we use chicken egg embryos there are contaminants from the chicken egg in the final vaccine. That chicken contaminant level is n…

The ability to make the absolutely deadly look innocent...

is the skill of the dark deceiver!

This is a war, we are soldiers and our words...

are our weapons!

Letting go and “trusting the force”

Letting go and “trusting the force” puts a person in the zone where optimal achievement is made possible.

Illuminati power structures

Illuminati power structures go like this:
-People at the lower levels are well-meaning but naïve and have no idea who or what they are truly serving.
-People at the mid-levels are ambitious and willing to overlook discrepancies.
-People at the high levels are greedy, manipulative, emotionally cold and willing to allow people to suffer to achieve their goals.

How much effort does it take to act naturally?

Just the girl you want?


"Mooshy mooshy" is actually a Japanese form...

... of phone greeting!

Drug survey - HAVE YOUR SAY!

Out of the ten recreational drugs listed below, pick the ones you think should be legal.
1. Cannabis
2. Barbiturates
3. Opium
4. Amphetamines
5. Caffeine
6. Alcohol

7. Tobacco
8. Heroin
9. Cocaine
10. Ecstacy

If you can't directly experience a drug...

Having an effect...

You have to take it on faith
That it is.

I don't know a goddamned thing...

Everything is on shifting sand... To me!

If you went through life beaming positive energy...

I expect the outcome would be good!

About expectations

All the masters say: leave your expectations at home. There's no need to think your way through a situation before it happens.
Let it flow naturally,
There is nothing to fear.

You can search the world for love...

Or you can find it at home!

Did the Philadelphia experiment really happen?

Or is the whole thing really a myth?

Anyone could be anywhere, at anytime...

And I wouldn't know it!

Faith in medicine

When you cannot immediately see the result of a medical intervention- such as you do when a limb is secured or a powerful painkiller is administered - then you are dealing in the realm of faith.With the use of products we can't directly and swiftly feel the effects of we are purely taking them on faith, that is on the say so of somebody else.Our likelihood of following the suggestion of someone who recommends a product depends on our trust in them.Different people trust different sources with different recommendations, hence the heterogeneous health field we see today.However there is one kind of medicine that has been steadily attempting to take over and expand their head market for many decades and has worked to do so by bribing politicians.This is the dominant form of medicine that is taking over the globe that some call western medicine and others call allopathy or Rockefeller medicine.

Theres no such thing as objectivity, even robots...

... have to be programmed!

Everything is being lost all of the time.

Yet here I am with me c-gar!

Being a doofus is not against the law!

Fargut Mentallium.

The mind is free☺, and it's OK to block people.

The benefits of the afterlife

The benefits of the afterlife are many...
And include: -Travel by thought, including the ability to fly, unaided.
-More powerful ability to sense
-An environment more beautiful and vivid than anywhere on earth, in resonance with your inner beauty.
-Also, no material needs need by fulfilled- i.e. no need for food, water, sleep. -But air, which is freely available and invigorating is available as are fruits and drinks which satisfy remaining palates and provide refreshment and encouragement.