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Observer from the future. Germany .

"Paul Wellers '79" haircut.

A high official in Her Majesty's Ministry.

Do you realise NOBODY survives?

As an Earth being, I mean!

Graham's "light candy" glow sticks.

The romantic passion is flowing!

We, of the phone variety.

Get me outta here!

Once on the hamster wheel of work life it can seem easier to keep on running, rather than try to get out, but l think that is an illusion and it behooves us to find a door!

I like to deeply relax in the forest.

Pointing out things that are awful

I don't give my opinions on things I think are awful very often as I don't want to cloud other people's experience, but I will point out awful ideas that constrain the individual for the sake of an artificially created and hyped social good, if I think it's necessary.

I had a friend who went on drugs and started calling himself "Codswallup".

That friend was me.

A savage attack on the wonders of modern medicine

He went beyond where anyone else had gone...

But not in a good way.

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves: is our lifestyle "too deluxe?"

Animals are very pure, but humans can be...


Speaking your truth without fear or favour can bring division...

And conflict.Which may be why Jesus said he didn't come to bring peace but to bring a sword (Matthew 10:34).The truth, when strongly felt and powerfully expressed, is not pleasing for everybody, particularly those invested in the lie you expose with your words.

Total victory against the mosquitoes

Total victory against the mosquitoes wasn't achieved until the 11th hour,
When complete system operation went into full effect.

When something is presented that has not been asked for...

And is not wanted... It only acts...
as a distraction or annoyance!

Simple decision making pathway

Humanity is blind

Humanity is asleep at the wheel-
Hungry for money,
Which puts us in a trance.
Too busy to notice what is going on around us,
Most of the time.

Taking superficial input of the world into their minds-
Mostly from the tv, and others similarly inputted.

Use of the label "science" to sell a product

Attaching the label "science" to a product or process does not make that thing either necessary or wholesome, but rather is a marketing tool used to sell the product and sometimes to beat non-customers over the head with.

How the little man feels some times.

Stop PRETENDING to care, and start living YOUR life, NOW!

When you stop pretending to care, some will be... Upset... But at least you will be free!

How to succeed socially, Pt. 418.

When you are telling a story stop halfway through it and say "Yeah, well, you know." And then leave it at that. A mysterious person invites intrigue.

There is a part of us that loves destruction, and that part...

Is the angry part...The part that holds on...
To past perceived injustice...And seeks to punish God,In return.In rage.

Everything not born in love will fade away.

Natalie naked in the forest.

Fighting for rights is no easy task.

Democratically elected leader

Everything is written on rice paper, no matter how...

It may appear.

When you discover the truth of yourself, you will no longer bow...

To any authority outside yourself.

To let others make important decisions on your behalf, is like letting go...

of the wheel...

Of Your life!
a very fast moving vehicle!

Behind the iron curtain

There is still love.

The actual and fabricated universe

Rudolf Steiner, Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts and Nicola Tesla

I like to do 4 years research and familiarise myself with both or more sides of the argument...


Truth is a point of view, Anakin.

They've begun to measure spiritual beings

By using gamma rays.

Car crash in the future

Everyone needs a saleable product, even if that product...

Is oneself!

I expect a modern day Nuremberg trials when the gag order...

... placed on truth is no longer in place.

Feeling your way into things...

Is what the mystics teach

Why would a free spirit choose to be "trapped"...

in a body?

There are two sides to every story!

The purpose of medical science

The purpose of medical science seems to be to show you all the products and medical procedures you need, that you didn’t know you needed (because you feel fine), and sell them to you at an inflated price.

Decision making process for a medical procedure

Three questions need to be answered before we should proceed with a medical procedure.

1. Necessity
Is the procedure needed to remain healthy or to restore our health?

2. Safety
Is the procedure safe?

3. Effectiveness
Is the procedure effective?

What a spiritually low person looks like

Notice their is no light in the eyes.Clearly a strong intellect and will but with no apparent spiritual vision.Such a soul would end up in the hell worlds upon death.

Give thanks for all you have...

And you will be in heaven!

75 quotes by Jeff Foster

“This moment is not life waiting to happen, goals waiting to be achieved, words waiting to be spoken, connections waiting to be made, regrets waiting to evaporate, aliveness waiting to be felt, enlightenment waiting to be gained. No. Nothing is waiting. This is it. This moment is life.” ― Jeff Foster“Leave everything undefined, including yourself. Befriend uncertainty. Fall in love with mystery. Kneel at the altar of not knowing. Give your questions time to breathe. The answers will find you.” – Jeff Foster“Less is the new more.” – Jeff Foster“Wholeness is not something that ‘happens’ one day, it is that which is already present. Life itself – what you really are, beyond your image of yourself – is already whole.” – Jeff Foster“All your problems are just thoughts. And thoughts are not a problem.” – Jeff Foster“Fall in love with where you are. Turn towards this – a sacred moment, unrepeatable. Trust the ebb and flow of things. Say yes to uncertainty and the unresolvedness of your life.…

Would freer markets result in fairer economic outcomes?

While it is true that powerful economic interests buy out governments to increase their grip on markets, even if no governments existed it wouldn't necessarily stop the concentration of economic power falling into few hands, by big companies buying out, pricing out, or otherwise eradicating smaller firms from the market.

In a world when governments were not corruptible they could be used as a tool to limit the concentration of economic power into few hands.  However, we do not live in that world.

If humans were happy to share economic resources and were not driven by pathological greed then the free market could be an effective way to ensure good economic outcomes, with a fair distribution of resources. We do not live in that world, either.

What is the solution?

As best I can see it, the best outcome is to have governments that are keep under close watch by a well-informed population, to keep corruption in check, and to have a mixture of free and publicly influenced marketplaces w…