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Avoid intoxicated people

People under the influence of alcohol and other drugs are best avoided because people in this state are susceptible to being overcloaked by unclean spirits who will use the opportunity to lash out at those around them, particularly vulnerable people and those with high light quotients.
There is a true hatred of humanity in general, and light beings, in particular, amongst unclean spirits who are full of rage due to perceived injustices in their past which they have yet to fully process and go beyond.

Sober people, no matter what level of consciousness they possess, are less likely to be overcloaked and therefore less likely to lash out at those around them, unless they have a level of rage that cannot be contained, even in this state.

Not all intoxicated people will be overcloaked in this manner, as it will depend on how susceptible they are to such matters, but those who harbour ill will towards others are likely to be overcloaked by spirits who share such malice, usually to a multi…

Nobody can tell you what to do

Although there exist many knowledgeable people nobody can tell you what to do, for that is up to you.
It is your life, and your decisions are for you to make, alone, although you may seek counsel from others to help illuminate the paths available to you.

Are there any real gods referred to in the religions? KIM MICHAELS

Source: Kim Michaels, My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus.

Attaching the label “science” to a product does not make that product...

magically good for you!

I cannot be contained within any religion or fixed set of beliefs

I don't follow anyone on Facebook or Twitter to criticise them...

And I am no supporter of people that do.

I would prefer to promote a cause or viewpoint rather than try to tear down those who have opposing or different viewpoints.  I find such destructive activities unpleasant and believe it does more harm to ones own cause than good and just generates animosity.

Whether a story is true or not has little to do with whether people believe it...

Instead that has to do with what people's existing prejudices are, and what sources of information people are willing to believe.

A vaccine safety critic addresses her accusers

Lu Drago with Robert Kennedy
"I was asked today: "are anti-vaxxers against all modern medicine, or just vaccines?"

Here is my answer to that:

1) The word "anti-vaxxers" is a pejorative, meant to demean and polarize. If I criticize how Ford and Toyota handled their problems with stuck accelerators (denied that there was a problem, produced their own data showing no problem, blamed the drivers....and eventually admitted there was a problem), that does not make me "anti-accelerator," "anti-car," or even "anti-Ford" or "anti-Toyota."

Using pejoratives like "anti-vaxxer" puts the focus on the critic, rather than where it belongs: on the problem pointed out by the critic.

See how that works?

2) Criticizing today's bloated vaccine program does not mean that the critic is against everything the medical/pharmaceutical industry does. IT MEANS THAT WE'RE CRITICIZING TODAY'S BLOATED VACCINE PROGRAM.

So let'…

It is said that adults should be able to do as they wish, as long as...

They are not hurting others.

In other words, people should be allowed to hurt themselves,  but not others and I agree, but it can be argued that by hurting themselves they are indirectly hurting others affected by their own self-destruction.

This is no doubt true, for anyone with any interaction with others but if we legislate against individuals hurting themselves,  where does it end?

Will people be punished for going to bed late,  refusing to take regular exercise or eat well?

Will it be a crime to engage in negative self-talk?

This is the level we get to when we try to protect people from themselves.

How pro-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers see each other and a solution to the debate

It’s funny pro-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers see each other in the exact same way, as uneducated, misinformed, and brainwashed, putting themselves and others in danger. Both are confident they are right and the other side is wrong, and the only solution I see to this problem is for each side to live according to their beliefs and allow the other side to live according to theirs. That is: not to force vaccines on people and not to ban people from receiving them. This is the same solution for many contentious areas of debate.

What happened when the cabal tried to recruit filmmaker Aaron Russo? (VIDEO)

Matthew Ward on Chemtrails

 January 18, 2016

Something else that affects the condition of Earth and all of her life forms is the prevalence of chemtrails, albeit that all along members of your universal family have been reducing their toxic effects. A few years back money for spraying ran out, but only briefly were your skies clear. The Illuminati re-funded their project so it could resume instigating record-level temperatures, drought and flooding along with causing respiratory illness in people who have weak immune systems.

We don’t know when the chemtrails will stop, but stop they will—public awareness of their damage is growing and Illuminati influence keeps crumbling. Meanwhile, the explanation for spraying is that it’s to protect the ozone layer that prevents the sun’s harmful rays from reaching Earth. The fact is, millennia back in your timing ones within the dark forces erected a grid of ozone molecules to prevent the sun’s beneficial rays from reaching the planet, and its gradual depletio…

What current medical procedure will be the next Thalidomide?

Is this the true story of polio?

Marco.....Polio!!Without question the go to disease to defend vaccines is polio. Coincidently it's also the greatest lie and medical con job of all time. Toxins Causing "Polio" is well documented. Polio is the virus that never was.1824: Metal workers had suffered for centuries from a paralysis similar to polio caused by the lead and arsenic in the metals they were working with. English scientist John Cooke observed: 'The fumes from these metals, or the receptance of them in solution into the stomach, often causes paralysis.'1890: Lead arsenate pesticide started to be sprayed in the US up to 12 times every summer to kill codling moth on apple crops.1892: Polio outbreaks began to occur in Vermont, an apple growing region. In his report the Government Inspector Dr. Charles Caverly noted that parents reported that some children fell ill after eating fruit. He stated that 'infantile paralysis usually occurred in families with more than one child, and as no efforts…

Vaccine reactions are hugely underreported

Source: Tay's Way - Instagram

One in a million… that is what we are told. It’s "a one in a million" chance your child will suffer an adverse reaction to a vaccine. It is very “rare” we are told. Certain reactions are “common” and the risks of vaccines are very “low”.

Lies, lies, ALL lies.

We actually have no idea what the REAL risks are of vaccines because vaccine reactions in Australia (and all over the world) are severely underreported, if reported at all. Parents don’t even know they can actually report their child’s adverse reaction themselves.

So of course the medical establishment can say that the risks of vaccines are very “low” when they purposely DO NOT report the reactions on the system like they know they should. Their data is fraudulent and their statistics are flawed.

I have had hundreds of parents come forward to me and privately tell me what has happened to their child after their vaccinations. Every time I ask them “did the doctors report the reaction?” T…

Lie to me - GREG FESSLER

lie to me...

we uncover the lies, remove mask and disguise, and we’re wondering why we’re the ones you despise

we seek only truth, most since our youth, and we’re finding the proof but you call it a spoof

we’re connecting the dots that your text book forgot,  believe me we’re not here to stir the shit pot

there’s a network in place it’s right dead in your face you dont see its disgrace as you run your rat race

they’re faking the science that forms your reliance then order compliance and scorn your defiance

they’ve amped up the game and their story is lame and they use those with fame to back up their claims

but you think us insane for pointing it out
point your finger of blame because you have your doubts
tho you may refrain from “what’s this all about”
there’s ground to be gained if enough of us shout!!

Running a PR campaign from bed was a wonderful move!

My own speciality is predictive programming.

What makes one person question the pronouncements of authority, while others...

Accept them unquestioningly?

The welcoming! The arrival of our brothers from space.

Security was tight on the ground

On certain issues skepticism is welcome... But on others...

It is violently opposed!

A birthday card from President Trump

Does Hillary still think she can win?

And does it matter?

Kennedy believed world events weren't as random...

As they were made to appear!

Many parents have genuine concerns about childhood vaccination

Sadly, these parents are often belittled
And told they have been listening to charlatans
And that vaccines are perfectly safe
And highly effective
And that adverse reactions are rare.

But is this whole story,
or even the true story
of vaccines?

And why aren't alternative voices
Allowed to speak in the public domain
Without coming under attack?

Do we really need all these things
And placing so many foreign materials
At once
Into the babies body
Is it wise?
Many doubt it.

And yet these doubts are unallowed,
And make them "anti-science"
And a danger to civilized society.

But is the whole thing based on ignorance?
To need to force everyone's compliance...
Is it really necessary?

The mastery of self-acceptance...

... is the mastery of life, 
 I think.

Music provides an aural platform... (MUSIC)

For our thought and experience.

I don't think we fully understand a situation until we have experienced...

Both sides of it!

She was amongst it!

Marlon pleads his case

Not the worst asshole on the block!

If you give respect, you can expect to...

Gain respect!

Should you engage with an aggressive person?

Engaging with an aggressive person is discouraged. It only sends the message that aggression is an acceptable way to gain attention and a response from another person. Instead, the sin bin is in order. Meaning silent treatment for a time at least. To enter your kingdom respect must be given.

The reputation science gained in the physical fields was co-oped by business interests-

To sell their products under it's guise...
Purely as a marketing term dressed as fact.

And so those who mistake the science overcoat
For rationality and truth...

May be disappointed.

To all the good people out there in California

Did Jesus give any rules or regulations to follow?

Or did he just give suggestions and support, to the people around him?

Limi Chindera - when our eyes first met

Distrust of the chemical, or man-made material, more than the...

... natural, or nature made product...

Exists among many people,
Not just those termed "hippy"!

Simple spiritual mistakes... 1. Never bare the back of...

Your neck.

This is a vulnerable area that should be protected from the elements.

This requires continual growth of long hair over the neck or the wearing of a scarf or raised collar.

I have begun listening to "THIS WILL DESTROY YOU"...

And enjoying it.

But the question is:


Living beings "just happened" to exist!

A rough approximation of the journey home...

Living. Everyone loves it!

In every significant area of human endeavour the two primary forces...


Control v freedom
Inner freedom
Outer constraint.

A natural life isn't just about food, clothing or design...

It goes much deeper than that...
 and encompasses...


When we accept each other's differences...

Everything will be alright.

The unnatural is sold as "good" but only for dollars and...

for serving selfish, short-sighted...


Any album people have strong feeling about... (MUSIC)

I am interested in hearing.

We act as if we know more than nature

And can bend it to serve our will...


Without any negative consequences.


We act as if we know more than nature, which is pretty funny when you look at it, when you consider nature has been working effectively for hundreds of millions of years producing an amazing abundance of intricate life forms.

whereas the human race has a tendency to destroy whatever if touches when it doesn't work in harmony with natural rhythms and processes.

Initially the drill sergeant exists outside of us, but eventually...

the drill sergeant exists within our own head!

People who learn to say "no" become the kings...

of their world!

A coment on government intervention in the market

If there is an imbalance of power in a market that is negatively affecting community outcomes then there is an argument for government involvement.  The problem is such imbalances are often created by government-private industry collusion and in these cases no government involvement may be preferable. Such involvement includes laws (that are policed), taxes, the use of government business units., etc.

Who breaks public norms for "public safety" purposes?

Is it the cops?

Or just federal agents?

You don't lie to this guy

Is Walter White's journey the hero's journey?

Religion and circumcision

A response to a comment by a Muslim who supported male child circumcision because of his religious beliefs.

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Medicines and illness - MATTHEW WARD

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What is a repeater?

By Chris Kirckof 

What is a repeater?

Find someone who believes our government wouldn't lie to them or intentionally harm them. Find people who believe voting matters. Find someone who thinks vaccines saved us from disease or that depression is an imbalance that's fixed with a pill. Find someone who thinks 9/11 was orchestrated by cave dwelling box cutter wielding muslims. Find someone who believe their genes control their future and that GMO foods are the same as processed foods.

Now look in their house. See any books on vaccines? See any books on disease history? See any books about health or wellness? Any book there about 9/11?  See any books at all? Ask them if they've watched any documentaries or listened to anything outside of the tv to get information. When you meet a repeater, they're often 100% sure that they know EXACTLY what's really going on in the world but if they don't have one book in their home on anything relevant and they only get information…

A chemist talks about vaccines

Posted on Facebook by Lindsay Leigh Novax
Via Kenny Quade:

"My app for work was messing up today, so I pulled into a parking lot to call tech support about it. A red pickup truck pulled up next to me. The guy signals for me to put my window down. I do. He says to me "I'm assuming your 'VAXFREE' license plate refers to being against vaccines, and that the Choose Life tag implies you're Christian." I told him they did."

"His response is below. Get ready."

"I'm a retired chemist and you have no idea, well perhaps some idea, regardless of your level of knowledge, you have absolutely no idea just how bad vaccines are. Especially for boys. You see, their blood brain barriers are thinner than that of girls. Girls have a little more resistance to the effects, but not a whole lot.

Here's just one example of the craziness surrounding vaccines -- polio was on the decline BEFORE the vaccine was even created! The iron long, and…

Common sense points about vaccines - LANDEE CRIER MARTIN


1.  If 3 out 4 people are adults who haven't received a vaccine since grade school, then herd immunity doesn't exist amongst the vaccinated. It would be due to the nonvaccinated.

2.  If something is so safe and good for people, it would NOT need to be mandated or forced.

3.  If vaccines were really safe, we could sue the manufacturers if damages occurred after receiving the product.

4.  If vaccines really worked, it wouldn't matter who was vaccinated and who wasn't.

5.  If eating chemicals on your food causes cancer, then injecting them directly into your muscle and bloodstream HAS to.

6.  If you would NEVER drink Mercury, aborted baby tissue, formaldehyde, aluminum, monkey kidney cells, etc, LOGIC would dictate you damn sure wouldn't inject it.

7.  If vaccines were effective, we wouldn't have more disease than we used to.

8.  If health could be injected, we wouldn't be the sickest country in the world with one of the highest infant mortality…

A summary of what in known about the Las Vegas shooting - SUZANNE ORIGEN

Suzanne Origen.
Thursday Oct. 5th, ‘17

I’ve been collecting Vegas shooting information for days.

First I want to send my condolences and prayers to the friends and families of those affected by this tragedy.

I want to go over what we know based on witness accounts, videos, and photos.

I won’t link any evidence here because YouTube and FB keep removing photos and videos and it’s like playing “whack-a-mole” attempting to keep evidence up.

There were four eye witness stories of people who noticed unusual behavior in the crowd before the shootings began. One women told people they were all going to die soon. The other female kept fidgeting and staring toward the place where the firecrackers would eventually go off at. A 3rd person set off firecrackers. It’s interesting to note that the nervous woman mysteriously disappeared 2 minutes before the chaos began which could be an indication that she knew what was about to occur. Another couple taunted people claiming they were going t…

When evil gains control of military forces trouble lies ahead!

When you understand the notion of insiders and outsiders you will understand power

Insiders keep outsiders in the dark, this is how they maintain power, through the hoarding of knowledge. Instead, outsiders are fed lies that suit the interest of insiders (the power elite) who have the ability to influence governments, institutions and the media.

When there's more than one variable science breaks down and is unable to speak...

.. with any authority.

Instead, all its pronouncements become partial, depending on assuming the world remains the same as the world they imagine in the lab.

Certainly, statistics are used in the form of multi-variate analysis, but these have very little authority as the choice of variables to include will influence the results we come up with. So it's very easy to manipulate results, meaning they are not trustworthy, particularly when researchers have incentive to produce certain results.