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Me in the crowd with soosy punks around me

I'm not against so-called SJWs, as long as...

They don't try to make anything mandatory,  and they respect everybody's free will to do and say as they wish.

People are worried about the future of the world, but I think...

increasing economic efficiency, driven by more care for everything we do... Rather than maximising output, we improve quality, and get more from the land, and everything else we use, by caring for it more, and making it more efficient.

There's no point punching someone in the gut, when you can...

... kick them in the teeth!

God or Life gives us what we ask for...

Which is what we are focusing on... Not what we say.

And the passion with which we focus on this thing Will determine how quickly it arrives!

I did nay sign up for your "medicine" cult!

So don't try to include me in it!

The test: I failed, I died.

Freedom can be structured

Freedom can be structured, for sure, but the key point is that the structure is created or entered into of our own free will, and not imposed on us from without.

Knowledge moves us away from establishment views

The faintest familiarity with the material in a field of knowledge will often make you form a different opinion than the establishment one. That’s because the establishment position is so often a brainwashing tool impressed on the people to suit the agenda of elites and is nothing to do with the reality of the matter in question.

I don't much care what people are doing of their own free will...

But I am concerned with what some, with power, are attempting to do to limit me and others who think like me.

And who are attempting
To harm the kids.

I prefer not to use labels to define people...

Because I find it disrespectful...

But labels can certainly be used
 to describe behaviour,
For clarity of communication!

The answers we get from science...

depend upon the questions we ask!

Demanding everyone live by "science" is a foolish thing to do...

After all, whose science are we talking about?

The corporatocracies?

No, thank you!

Weaponized autism

There's a thing called "weaponized autism",
Which refers to the sustained
Lazer-like focus
Some people are able to maintain,
On a given subject...

That results in breakthrough,
And ultimate success.

Most adults are no longer immunised against "childhood" diseases

In most adults
their childhood vaccines have worn off
Because they don't deliver natural lifelong immunity
Like actual illnesses generally do.

This means that aiming for 100% vaccination rates in children,
By overriding questioning parent's free will,
Seems a little odd

 If a much larger group of adults
  are walking around
Effectively unvaccinated,

And presenting the same "risk" factor
  to a non-immune child.

The technocracy cult must be smashed!

The technocracy cult that reduces everyone to a number
 must be smashed,
 or peacefully withdrawn from,
of course...

Before we becomes the fully controllable slaves
of an unelected power elite!

If I didn’t collect the data, the data is not solid

(A rephrasing of the teachings of the historical Buddha.)

What is "the agenda" truthers talk about?

When people talk about “the agenda” they are talking about world depopulation and the takeover of the globe by a covert group of powerful elites working through technocratic subservient national and international governing bodies.

They are talking about every human being being reduced to a number and being treated as cattle to be pocked and prodded, medicated and enslaved, to serve the agenda of the power elites.

See also: Is the human race being soft-killed, and What do the power elite want?

The government-medical complex are always pushing for more, more, more...

More tests, more procedures, more invasions. Always in the interests of "public health". I just vote "no" and let the chips fall where they may. Maybe you'll see me on a slab sooner, rather than later, but who knows?

In science, our consciousness determines the questions we ask,

and the "scientific" techniques we use provides the answer...

Once again, to our consciousness, or our ability to understand.

Is it wrong to have a picture of another man's wife...

On your phone?

Freedom rangers laugh at the norms the power elites try to instill...

... into the people.

And we laugh even louder
when the people repeat them back
Of their own free will.

Stockholm syndrome,  much?

Don't they realise the power elite want them dead?

Don't they realise plans are being enacted
 to kill off the majority of the human race?

Clearly no, because they haven't seen it on TV!

The bottom line is: what works best? The natural lifestyle...

Or the chemical one?

If I believed as many people do, I would be...

Deeply depressed.

As many people  apparently are.

I would like to see governments help the people and not coerce them...

... to do anything, in any way, beyond upholding the laws that prohibit murder, theft, assault, etc.  In other words, crimes that involve trespass against another.

That governments are being used for social engineering is not something I am pleased about, particularly given governments servitude to large corporations and certain misanthropic secret societies and general lack of accountability to the public.

I prefer not to base my decision making on other people's data, because I don't know...

How the data was collected,  and how accurate it is.

And any statistics based on this data will depend on the reliability of the data, too, for its meaning, and can further compound the problems arising from faulty or unreliable data.

It's never comfortable being under the command of someone who is...

far more ignorant than you!

I think everybody has the ability to become a "god” if they only...

work diligently... 

and in a focused manner!

The people who say "there is no evidence to support X belief" are usually...

the people who don't want to believe X...

and wouldn't recognize evidence that supported the belief
  even if it hit them in the face!

Interesting questions about vaccination

-How long does immunity from the various childhood vaccines last?*

-Are adults effectively unvaccinated for most "vaccine preventable" illnesses due to their childhood vaccines wearing off?

-Do adults who haven't had booster shots for the childhood vaccines and are effectively unvaccinated present a threat to vaccinated children?

-How is it known that a rise in certain types of antibodies in the blood, caused by vaccine use, causes true immunity to the natural disease it is aimed at? Are there studies to prove this for each of the vaccines used?

-What proportion of the reduction in "vaccine preventable" illness rates over the past century is due to vaccines, and what is due to other factors, such as improved standards of living?

*Is that evidence based on epidemiological studies comparing disease rates among vaccinated and unvaccinated children as they age, or on blood tests looking at changing antibody levels over time?

You know you are dealing with a cult-like belief when...

... just questioning something...

makes people angry!

Multiplying laws are a sign of social decay

Does life need to be created, or can it just...


When analysing a market an economist looks at the incentive structure...

And doesn't concern themselves with the claims made by market participants about quality of products or their true motives.
It's not about PR, it's about what's really going on and why.
This cannot be discovered by taking industry participants at face value.

The reincarnationists believe that when the soul re-enters a body...

The memory of the past life recedes, until it is completely gone, at least in most people!Some call the process of entering this world, crossing the river of oblivion, where are memories are lost, at least temporarily.

The three positions on the evolution of species are: (1) assisted evolution,

(2) Unassisted evolution,
(3) No evolution.And by assisted I mean intervention by intelligent life, other than modern day humans. Farmers, if you will, or perhaps geneticists from another world, physical or not.

Seek and you will find, knock...

and the door shall be opened to you.


There is a lot of conjecture about the 9/11 attacks, whether it was England...

Or America behind the attack?

That is, was it the Rothchild branch (of the Global Power Elites)
  or the Rockefeller branch?
Or maybe both, working together?

Joey Secanski, aka ...

Natasha Stott Despoja!

"Never do anything bad,
And do some things good,
If you can."


You think you are getting away with it, until you have...

A heart attack!

Public truth is won as a result of a successful public relations campaign

Whereas private truth...
Is more likely to be based
  on actual lived experience.

Don't focus on what you don't want to attract

In other words,
Focus on what you want to attract ONLY!

A critical analysis of the flu vaccine - CHRIS KIRCKOF

It's flu season!

According to all official health reports, we are now fully in flu season. I remember being taught the seasons, why did my teachers keep the secret 5th season known as the flu a secret from me? It is that time of year when public health officials, physicians pediatricians and pharmacists warn that everyone over 6 months of age should protect themselves and get vaccinated. Most Americans, believing the government’s propaganda about the safety and benefits of the flu vaccine, are joining the inoculation lines without pausing to consider the accuracy and legitimacy of health officials’ and pediatrician claims.

A CBS Investigative Report, published in October 2012, exemplifies the unreliable and perhaps intentionally deceptive misinformation campaign steered by the US government health agencies every flu season. After the CDC refused to honor CBS’s Freedom of Information request to receive flu infection data by individual state, the network undertook an independent in…

The purpose and meaning of crop circles - MATTHEW WARD

We want to answer here your questions about crop circles because of the circles’ relevancy to disclosure and landings, and we shall get to that. First, though, they are made by specialty artists, you could say, aboard some of the spacecraft surrounding the planet. Their concentration on mental images creates electromagnetic “stencils” that are energetically transferred to selected fields where they bend grain stalks exactly according to the artists’ intricately detailed images.

Some circles do convey messages, but those who make them know that correct interpretations would be rare, so their designs are primarily for beauty and awe. We suggest that interpretations are not necessary to appreciate those aspects of the circles and, of far more importance, their purpose: They are tangible evidence that other civilizations are nearby, and since they can travel to Earth, surely they have the ability to invade, but they haven’t. For forty-some years these stunning patterns that appear overni…

Those who believe in the rapture

If it takes believing in the rapture
To feel good about life
I am fine with that,
But as long as there is no need
to believe in that, I will remain happily

High yield weapons manufacturer

We are living in the time of the device

If jesus could rule on everything, that would be...

Nice.. But it would also mean
We wouldn't get to develop our own
And so could easily be fooled
By darkness
As light!

The power elite (who make the laws) only give up...

What they need to give up.

Or that which secretly serves them.

Maintaining a veneer of democracy seems important to them,
Perhaps to maintain good order among the people,

So they continue to work in their interests.

As a general rule, if you stick to natural things in food and medicine...

you can't go far wrong.

After all, within reason, our body is designed to handle these things.

Sure, there are some highly toxic natural materials out there that we should avoid, but the wisdom of the elders exists to make sure we know is healthful and what is not, what we should embrace and what we should avoid!

Invoking "science" to control people

Whenever someone invokes the word “science” they are trying to control you by appeals to authority.  Invoking the word “God” is used similarly by religious believers. But unless someone can demonstrate something to you in your own experience they shouldn’t expect to convince you of anything.

How the label "science" is used to deceive people

If you can concoct a reasonable sounding story, attach the label “science” to it, and then convince enough people of it’s reality, it will be accepted as truth, whether it is or not.

That’s exactly how the power elite operate, co-opting institutions and the media to create a phony consensus.

All that is needed is one or more public figures to release the "science" story, and for it to be picked up by the echo chamber that is the mainstream media, and most people will end up believing it.

This is called "manufacturing consensus" and is often used for ill purposes, such as population control or selling a new product that serves the interests of the elite.

It's important we don't get confused between actual personal power...

And some deluded grandiose notion of ourselves...
Which we cannot deliver on!