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Every lie that we believe is based on...

An assumption that is wrong.

The trick is to go from the cover story to the true story...

...  and not end up stuck on the lie.

The Ragmat center for learning

Civilisation too often takes the edges off things...

...and off our life,  making things boring and sterile!

A fulfilling life for a dog

Big dogs are like wolves,
They need a lot of space to roam,
They are country dogs, to me.
Small dogs, on the other hand, don't need as much space.  They can be the house dogs,  though it is great if they spend time outdoors,  particularly in nature, on a daily basis.

What is called "consumer protection" is too often...

Government-corporate collusion, To protect a monopoly or oligopoly,
With everyone involved in the take.

It doesn't matter what other people believe, as long as we don't interfere... each others lives!

Effective liars don't lie all the time, only when it's necessary, and they believe...

... they are highly likely...

 ... to get away with it!

[Indeed, a smart deceptionist
 will save his lies
 for only when they are necessary,
 to make them seem more believable,
as they have been preceded
 by truth.]

When people confuse evil for good, moral educators...

Have a tough time on their hands!

One of the best ways to expand the mind is through... (MUSIC)

Ambient music!

The brainwashing is good...

It's the brain filling... That's dangerous!

I have decided to give up all the problems of the world

And leave them... To others To think about.

The twelfth degree of heaven exists...

Within your mind!

One of the fastest drivers in the world

Dex Hammonds

Before everybody died

Hiroshima before the bomb.

Conditioning is a powerful thing...

It can make people feel certain of things they have no actual knowledge of, when properly applied.

Hence there are schools teaching this stuff- basically, how to brainwash or manipulate the public.

The answer is: through trusted individuals and trusted institutions, the trust of which you build up in the public over time, through manipulation of the media.

Spontaneous order found in nature

No written laws needed Just natural behaviour
Individual living beings Seeking fulfillment And coming together With others.

Imagine if dogs woofed to each other, to enhance...

Their telepathic ability?

"It's all my fault": taking responsibility for the world on your shoulders

If we are purely earthly material beings...

At we still not  Gods?
With a creativity beyond compare?

Scientists and metaphysicians agree, the world is a hologram...

Which raises the question:Who is projecting the hologram?With the obvious answer:
The self.

Back when male circumcision made sense

Male circumcision may have made sense when people lived in ghettos without clean running water.

Circumcision may have helped those with poor hygiene to stay healthy.

But these days, with clean running water in every house in developed countries, there is absolutely no need for it, and if fact, it be described accurately as child abuse.

See also: A comment on circumcision and vaccines for babies

Deserving medal of freedom winners

David Ray Griffin

William Rodriguez

Areas where the nationalists and anti-fascists agree

1. Anti- establishment or new world order, i.e. against the control of society by a handful of international power elites.
2. Pro- power to the people, or true democracy.

Anyone who takes a stand against the empire and gains much attention...

... will be swatted like a bug!

This Stereolab album is very good

Dots and Loops.

What about skunt chuckles?

Conspiracy theorists are refusing government care

It's the experience we have of things that's important...

Not the concepts we hold about them.

Nobody owes anybody anything, of course, but if...

It's in your soul contract to something, and you don't, you may end up regretting it!

The ten commandments have been renamed...

"The ten suggestions" to keep it in line with modern thoughtAbout recognising diversityIn the population.

Perfection is an impossibility...

But progress in understanding
That is priceless!

Is it better to be hated for being who you are...

Than loved for being
Who you are not?

The dream of the naturalists

Being skeptical of much that passes as science does not make one...

... anti-science!Quite the opposite-
You fight to maintain its reputation,
By exposing corruption and fraud.Otherwise the word,And the public's trust and investment in it...Will diminish.

No, I don't think everyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi, but...

I do think
they are
poorly informed!

The challenge of the path breaker

Everything is a form of hypnosis...

Everything someone says that you believe programs you.Everything you tell yourself
That you believe
Programs you.
And as we get to choose  what to believe Or not And so we get to program  ourselves-
This is... Self-hypnosis!

I never tell people what to think, but I do recommend...

They look into things more deeply
And go beyond the soundbites
And talking points
They have been bombarded with
All their life.

It's impossible to guarantee the safety of those attempting to usher in...

A one world government, with elites dictating everything to the common man.Names are being taken, nothing is being forgotten.They had better hope the people are forgiving!

My friend on Facebook wanted a technocratic new world order...

The dream Illuminati New World Order.Now he's defriended me because I believe that dream would be a nightmare.A world increasingly controllable by unelected elites, far removed from common life, and our ability to influence them.

The main way science is controlled...

Is by the questions we ask of it.This determines the direction the science will take.If the science is a pure search for knowledge conducted by skillful practitioners then the results should be able to be trusted.If the science is part of an agenda to make money or gain power over people then the impure motive will likely corrupt data gathering and analysis, making results unreliable.

Sometimes it seems like we're in a time loop...

With the same issues coming up...
Again and again.As a society,
And as an individual.

You can't support religion and support...

Truth.Or can you?

Amazing results when the left and right hemispheres work...


The beliefs of a society are created by mass...