The intentional destruction of nations?

Nations of Europe and elsewhere are losing their identity due to a massive influx of immigrants.

This is promoted as a benevolent act to deal with refugees from middle eastern war zones and such.

The truth may be that this influx is intentional, just as the wars that have led to it are, to lead to a breaking down of national identity and a greater willingness among the population to accept international government.

Europe is the classic case in point where national identity is being subsumed into the European Union, a technocratic state ruled by unelected bureaucrats.

This movement to increasing levels of centralized government is sold to the people as a good thing, making trade and free movement easier.

However, increased centralization of power has a very dark side as it makes it increasing easy for unelected elites to gain control over vast areas of the earth and its population, with no recourse for the common man to stop it.

Instead, deals are done behind closed doors to carve up the earth and its wealth, and nations become increasingly powerless tpo stop it due to international agreements that render them powerless.


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