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Sins against the Rockefeller's

1. Sleeping in the afternoon.
2. Refusing to work, entirely.

People who refuse the program are being...

Pressurised,And marginalised. To the point of collapse!

There are people that wish to conduct business in the afternoon...

Which I find quite rude!

If you are not stressed to the gills, is it possible you have...

defeated the system?

A lot of people teach love and tolerance...

But they don't extend that love and tolerance to other people,
Unless those people please them in some way.

People look to wonder drugs to save them from disease...

But I think the answer lies in healthy soil, natural food products - rather than heavily modified ones - and healthy lifestyle that is physically active and involves doing things you enjoy.With these conditions fulfilled, I think disease will be largely a thing of the past.

Medical tyranny: join our world and play our game- or else!

California mandatory vaccine legislator Richard Pan as a Borg.
Medical tyranny is being ramped up around the world. California has made vaccination mandatory for all children if they wish to attend child care, schools and colleges. Italy and France are also vaccines mandatory and Australia is blackmailing parents by denying then a significant and widely claimed government payment unless their child is fully vaccinated according to their ever growing schedule.

Who, or what, is behind this ramping up of medical tyranny is hard to say, exactly.  The fact that the tyranny is being enacted on a global scale suggests a person or organization with global reach is behind this latest destruction of individual liberty.

The true purpose of this medical tyranny is almost certainly one being hidden from the people.  The argument that 97% of small babies being vaccinated in western countries, such as Australia, is not enough is clearly nonsense.

"Herd immunity" (which is argued to be a fa…

Anyone who does not share Illuminati views is presented as...

a crackpot.

And most people, being highly suggestible, believe it!

Her speed over open ground...

Was phenomenal!

The goddess sees all over the land

In this part of the world, naked girls...

Are very popular!

This makes people happy

Miranda Sayer, journalist

So that's it, then?

It was a special day

You don't have to be police, to understand the value...

Of a well shaped stick!

Inside the shirt sleeve

Only ONE is the scientist of ONEself...

Never another!

Love is simple, but the self, that is fear...

Often gets in the way!

I thought it was demeaning at the time

Jane Fonda in Barbarella.

The general rule for Europe is...

The south is better than the north-northwest warmer, better lifestyle,
But the colder regions are more industrial and developed.

The New Age and conspiracy movements merged in 2003

About 15 years ago.It was largely due to widespread disbelief in the "official" 9/11 story released by the Bush Administration shortly after the attacks.This led to widespread skepticism among the hippy or consciousness community and fed into a growing mistrust of establishment institutions which were already seen as poisoning and destroying the earth.

Knowledge itself is neither good nor evil...

Only how it's used defines that.

In space no-one can hear you orgasm


While people suffer, we are here...

In paradise!

If God means All, then God will include...

Many smaller gods.Beings endowed with the gift of creating, or co-creating with natural laws (given, or created by "God"), to create a new world for themselves and others.

Without context, Life can be...


Living digital art upon the wall...

Is the next phase.

In all lighted realms the Lord is very bright

As we move beyond we go with that Lord to our new place.

The economy has become its own reward

Instead of the economy serving the people,
Now it's us, serving the economy!(Picture labor factory)

When the Lord speaks, you gotta listen...

Unless you be a fool!

In a wayward society there is a need for police

But we shouldn't overdo it!In other words,
Good people shouldn't be harrassed!

In a free will universe, bombing is allowed...

But it is carried out
By those totally out of touch...
With the sacred undercurrents
Of this world.And benefits noone
But the most depraved.

If you trust the Lord, you don't have...

to make so many of your own decisions, Instead, if you relax and trust, things will come to you-all subtle or gut feelings and visions.

Evil marches incrementally...

So many people don't even notice it!

Alcohol takes away your higher senses

Which is why the masters of man
allow it.

They prefer mankind lost in materialism
which no sense of their spiritual nature,
As that makes us easier to control.

Popular American actress Zooey Deschanel

The easy life is out there, somewhere...

But you've got to fight like hell...
To get there!

The ideal of the government

The ideal of the government
Is to provide the goods and services
A civilized society needs
That would not adequately be supplied
Were the free market to act alone.

The pressure gauge used on tyres seems functional,

But the one used on humans
Does not! It seems like some kind of medieval torture to me Squeezing your arm to get a number So they can prescribe you mysterious pills To change the number And thereby Magically Making you well!

Government products don't have to compete...

On the open market.Hence they can be overused,
Compared with substitute products.

Money creates a barrier to consumption

Which is useful when demand outstrips supply.
The other methods used to allocate goods include:
Government or council rationing, and,

Entrenched industries don't give up easily...

Instead, they influence political decision making,
Sometimes profoundly.

When Illuminati control has gone

There will be no more sanctions against Russia, or any other nation.

Guaranteed income in Australia

In Australia there is a guaranteed income for everyone, or at least all adults, as long as they abide by certain requirements, some of which can be quite demanding.

Bill Hicks was only anti-establishment because...

the establishment was...And still is...Shit!

Keeping free thinkers and conformist's kids apart

Is part of a deliberate plan to keep children as order followers
And not to think
They can create their own life
However they want!