Those who support rule by an unelected elite

There are people who seem happy to be ruled by an unelected elite. They believe that if this unelected elite use "scientific" decision making tools then the well-being of society and themselves will be ensured.

These people have full faith in national and international institutions which push for a world (seemingly) ruled by unelected technocrats.

These pro-elitist people are convinced that the power brokers of our world truly have the best interests of the people at heart, rather than the interests of a small group of connected associates, as investigative research suggests.

Such people have little real understanding of how international organisations work, what their true motives are and who and why they were set up in the first place.

The key characteristic of these "true believers" is that they believe what they are told by "authority figures" and refuse to dig deeper into the truth behind surface matters, or listen to those that have. Instead they take what is contrived by the media as truth.

This group of people are easily controlled due to their unquestioning nature and represent the kind of proletariat that the rulers of man wish all people were like, to enable them to rule in secret without being exposed, and have their agenda pass, without question or resistance.

This group confuse manufactured consensus for truth and are easily misled when authority figures that have been built up by the establishment over decades tell them to believe a certain thing.

These people are the real "sheeple" of our world and represent a danger to a truly free society that is not ruled by an unelected elite, for their blind support make such elite rule possible.


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