The government must always win

Embedded in the European government ideal, exported throughout the world, is the idea that the government must always win, at any cost, when its authority is challenged.

Two examples of this "win at any cost" mentality are Ruby Ridge and the Waco siege.

In both of these, classically American cases, the government's authority was defied and the government responded with excessive brute force.

Sending the message: defy us and be crushed.

At Ruby Ridge an independent, defiant family who ran foul of an undercover FBI agent, were gunned down over a petty firearms charge, by a disgraced federal government.

At WACO, an inward looking community of idiosyncratic Christians gathered around a charismatic preacher named David Koresh and were destroyed in an ill-conceived, massively over-aggressive strike by the FBI on their buildings, setting them alight and killing 76 members of the group.

The expressed reason for the incursion and following blood bath was firearm charges against the group.


By controlling guns, drugs and taxes, governments place almost everyone at their disposal.

Plausible trumped up charges can be invented, if no actual crime has been committed, and this is how citizens who defy the government and refuse to put into a cage, are treated.


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