Focus on practical skills in education

Practical skills that society requires and values* should be front and center of any education programme.

The choice to explore a given area should be the childs, with counsel available, if required.

Short, introductory courses, should be available for students at all levels, to give a taste of what the activity involves.

Further, more expansionary courses, the intermediate level, can go into greater detail on subject matter and be longer in duration.

The final level, or levels, are specialities within the domain, that extend the students capabilities.

At the end of this process the student will be able to work and create in a field they enjoy, contributing to the richness of the society.

It should be noted all study units should be entered into voluntarily.

It is possible to provide a list of necessary units a child should complete by a certain age, but it's best if the timing is done in conjunction with the child's interests.

*I include the arts and humanities in this category.


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