Old people on multiple medications

A large proportion of the aged population is on multiple medications. Why? I put this down to gullibility.  That is, they believe whatever the drug salesman (doctor) tells them and accept what they offer without question. This is largely due to the deferential attitude old people have towards doctors.  They were taught to revere them and not to question their judgement. The cost of their medications is mostly borne by the taxpayer or insurance companies which makes even the poorest person able to afford them and so "everyone" is happy.

The problem is: chemical medications are toxic and not designed to be taken over a long period.  No medication is.  Only food and nutritious substances should be taken over the long haul, not man-made chemicals the body is ill-equipped to handle and which put added strain on liver and kidneys!

People will argue: but the old people need their medication.  I doubt it.  Especially not ongoing.  If an old person needs something to help their blood pressure and such things it would be far wiser to focus on food and exercise that to place toxic chemicals in their body every day, the combined effect of which is impossible to predict!


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