My vision of Christopher Hitchens in the afterlife

I had a vision of Christopher Hitchens in the afterlife.

In it he was in a locker room type environment (i.e. a confined space with low lighting), with other people (men I think), and he was engaged in lively conversation and debate.

His mood was good and he was enjoying himself.

I think there was some irony about the fact he was carrying on happily in the afterlife even though he was an enemy of religion during his life which many people would think precludes him from having an enjoyable afterlife experience. In other words, religious belief was seen as irrelevant to whether you continue to exist or not, and that disbelief doesn't doom you to eternal suffering as some believers would have you think.

In addition, I had the sense that just because Hitchens and his comrades were alive and well in the afterlife did not mean they were suddenly blessed with all the answers to life or even whether God existed, for example. Instead, I think the humor and irony of life was brought home to them, in that death was seen as indeed an illusion, though it did cause an apparent separation from those still on earth.  But the mind was still sharp, perhaps sharper that ever and still capable of wondering about the true nature of things.

Note: I am not saying that I actually saw Hitchens in the afterlife, rather this was the image my subconscious presented to me.  I have no idea of whether it reflects his current situation or not, but as a believer in an immortal soul, I believe it is possible!

Additionally, as someone who has a soft spot for "Hitch" I believe this can help create a psychic bridge to the person in question. Sadly, as most of his followers are avowed atheists and materialists belief in an afterlife is rare and so no attempt would be made by them to connect with Hitchens now because they believe he no longer exists. That lack of belief shuts the door on such connections being made.


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