Letter to the shadow health minister

Here is a copy of an email sent to the Shadow Minister for Health in Australia in response to the withdrawal of the family payment from families who choose not to follow the current vaccine schedule for babies and infants in Australia:

Catherine King, Labor shadow minister for health

Hello Ms King,

I am writing to you to ask whether it is the policy of the Australian Labor party to continue with the Liberal-National policy of withdrawing family support payments from parents who, having performed their due diligence, decide not to allow their young children to receive all the vaccines in the current infant vaccine schedule.

This will determine whether I can lend my support to Labor during the next election, or whether I will have to shift my support to a party that supports health freedom.

XXXXXXXXX, B. Ec. (Hons)

PS. I understand Labor supports the “scientific consensus” on vaccines (the incredibly na├»ve and demonstrably false notion that they are always a good idea, even when given in multiple doses at the same time to a small baby), but this doesn’t equate to withdrawing choice from parents who have a different perspective on health and the integrity of the medical-industrial complex to those uneducated on such matters.

Such an approach goes against basic Labor notions of fairness, and is more in alignment with the elitist, we-know-best paternalism of the Liberal party.

Dr Russell Blaylock speaks on mandatory vaccination: 


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