Death rate from natural and chemical medicine

If the death rate from using natural medicines was a fraction of the death rate from chemical medicines they would have been banned years ago!

The reason chemical medicines are exonerated from any blame is because the international medical establishment owns governments around the world and so is protected from legal liability except in the most egregious cases, such as with Vioxx and Thalidomide.

In other words, almost anything goes with chemical or Rockefeller medicines, contrary to what we may hear, and it takes a catastrophe like with Vioxx and Thalidomide before anything is done about it!

Even still, hundreds of thousands of people die every year through the correct or incorrect use of chemical medicines and yet they keep on being doled out by the millions of doses.

 Sharka Todd

A comment on western medicine by Matthew Ward:

Source: Message from Matthew, January 8, 2017


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