Countries are controlled by blackmail and bribery...

Just as individuals are.

However, the organisations that control countries are sold as being noble and good while underneath they serve the dark agenda of the elites that steer them.

This agenda is to create a one world government, controlled by elites, which forces the whole world population to live by the dictates of the elites, to benefit them, alone, at the expense of individual health and liberty.

Until then, the elites are ding what they can to reduce the world population and steer national governments into doing their will through their puppet organisations such as the IMF, World Bank, the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, etc. etc.

Countries and politicians are bribed or threatened with ruin if they don't do the bidding of these elitist organisations and as a result a kind of elitist global government is already in place with the efforts underway to make it even more restrictive and controlling.

"Join our world and play our game, or else!"


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