Conspiracy theorists v "skeptics"

Conspiracy theorists are not in lockstep with their beliefs the way phony skeptics are, but they tend to agree about quite a few things.  

One is the need to reign in the power of government. Two is the need to allow citizens to make all the important choices about their life, including what health interventions, if any, they choose to receive for them and their family.

Phony skeptics are basically bully boys for the establishment.  Anything establishment science says and that is repeated in the mainstream media they will unquestioningly accept.  They have complete faith in the institutions of our society, believing it is impossible for them to be corrupted by money and power.

Phony skeptics have a very limited grasp on history, which enables them to trust institutions that have proven themselves to be unworthy of such trust.

Conspiracy theorists, on the other hand, have a deeper appreciation of history and the behaviour of institutions.  They realise that corruption is endemic and that the only reason this is not apparent to the common man is that such things are kept hidden and not discussed by the mainstream media.

Realising the level of corruption in governments and institutions the world over, conspiracy theorists are less trusting of government announcements and are less likely to follow government advice blindly.


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