re: Pauline Hanson's comment about autistic children

The differences between mild and severe autism are so great it seems largely useless to lump them all under the one term. 

That may explain why so many people are upset with Pauline Hanson's statement about removing autistic children from classrooms. 

No-one would deny a child a place in a classroom if they are not disruptive, are capable of following the class, and want to be there. 

I expect Hanson would agree. 

Any disruptive child is clearly being poorly managed and needs to be listened to and placed in an environment which is pleasing to them, where they can function well and thrive, not somewhere they despise, which causes them to rebel and upset the ability of fellow students to learn.

Classes need to be allocated by student interests, ability and prior knowledge, not age range.

Lumping students in together solely based on the year they were born seems idiotic to me.

I understand teachers are taught to organise classes to suit students of differing abilities and interests but it would be easier to let students choose their classes based on their interests and abilities rather than throw them all in together with a teacher without specialist knowledge, who has to manage too many students, many of whom may have no interest in the subject at hand. 

This just make an unpleasant situation for all, not least the teacher who has to deal with disruptive students who don't want to be there.


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