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Wars give people jobs

And generate business for defense firms, but at what cost?

If you disagree, you get annihilated

"Introducing the new general school of political diplomacy,
If you disagree, you get annihilated."

Midnight Oil, When the Generals Talk 

It's mad to risk being maimed to avoid a disease...

(click on image to expand)
you almost certainly will never get!

See also: Have vaccines become unnecessary?

Why are "skeptics" attack dogs for the establishment?

How can a person be a "skeptic" when they take the establishment view on everything?

Is God totally passive, as the Taoists suggest...

Or is He an active presence, as Christians believe?

The media scientists are bought and paid for...

And sing from the same script!

America doesn't need more pharmaceuticals...

It just needs healthier lifestyles!

The world is run by shadowy elites

And the people we see on TV are just their front men!

Pseudo science is bad, but faux science is worse!

Pressuring people is bad, for it forces them...

To make quick decision before they have had a chance to sit quietly with it and enable their soul to voice its opinion!

I have completed my vaccine study

Result:avoid 'em!

Is belief in an afterlife a crutch?

It is widely believed that a belief in an afterlife...
 Is a coping mechanism
for those unable to handle
The brutal finality
Of death!

But there is a small proportion of people
who, having researched the experience of others,
have come to the conclusion
that we do live on after death
and that we really have nothing to fear!

Codes are evenly spaced

Things are now happening...

That exist!

Sins come with a price

If you sin against somebody,
They may just disappear- Out of your life... Poof! 😁

Synthetic paranoia

What is a shill?

A shill is someone paid to promote a message, particularly those with no allegiance to the message beyond being paid to promote it.

Freedom warrior v establishment shill

Do humans produce food for extra-dimensional beings?

No identity = no problem

I like Boards of Canada's emotional tone

Life has become so surreal

Beyond brainwashing, is anything we hear actually true?

God's people must come apart

From the mass mind,
When that mind be unwholesome,
And connect with it,
With it be at one!

A magic shield of protection

Only a man in a white coat can offer you a magical shield of protection.

Some people see death as an end...

And others, as a doorway to another world.

Honing a craft is good and is the way of the future!

Things don't "just happen" you know!

People are taught to believe things "just happen" geopolitically in the outside world, they really have no idea how contrived many events actually are!

After all, it suits those who manipulate, or even create, those very events to hide in the dark of public anonymity.
So it is made to look as if many small actors are behind the events we see- the events that effect the social-political-economic make-up. 
But the question is: why does it always suit the power elite "globalists" who looking to further control and manage the people and concentrate powers more and more into their hands?

Christopher Hitchens and religion

Christopher Hitchens criticised Religion extensively, but I don't think religion has much to do with our current problems.
People will point to Islam, but it only became "a problem" after the USA, UK and Australia bombed and invaded the Middle East in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 
Our problems are social, economic and environmental and they all converge.

People are emotional not rational

To view people as cold, rational beings and not as warm, emotional ones is to miss the point.
That is why there is no one size fits all.
Everyone views everything through their own emotional filter.
Everything means something unique to everyone who experiences it.
Realising this is peace.
Realising this is tolerance,
Or more accurately,

Is the science settled?

When people say "the science is settled" I get suspicious- That might be a fair thing to say about a simple issue, But not the complex ones, to which it is often applied.
After all, the science is never settled, Not on anything complex anyway,
And that's what makes it science,
And not religion!
To me: " the science is settled"
Seems more like a political position-
Than a scientific one.
And too often it is designed to shut down alternate opinions Rather that just concentrate efforts where they are needed!

Student-driven education

A student centered education is only really student centered if it is student driven.
Student interest needs to drive the process, not administrative decision makers.
Sure, offer the children (and adults) plenty of choices, but let them decide which to take.
Not one class for all students of a certain age but classes based on interest and ability, with age no barrier.

The non-resistive path is best

Be aware of what is wrong with the world, sure,
But don't fight it.
Fighting something is a mental stance
One that puts you at war with Life, itself,
And is unnecessary for taking action in the world.

And that action will be more skillful
And peace enhancing, If it done in the state of non-resistance,
Or surrender to...

School and the army keep people in an infantile state...

Bowing down before authority, following orders, and not taking responsibility for one's own life and decisions!

You don't need anyone's permission...

To do anything!
Whether you succeed or fail will be up to you, though!

Apex Disorder

When you believe yourself to be immortal...

What is there to be worried about?

Science: how much is conceit...

And how much is truth?

Force = Crime

Except in sport, where it's agreed upon.

re: Pauline Hanson's comment about autistic children

The differences between mild and severe autism are so great it seems largely useless to lump them all under the one term. 

That may explain why so many people are upset with Pauline Hanson's statement about removing autistic children from classrooms. 

No-one would deny a child a place in a classroom if they are not disruptive, are capable of following the class, and want to be there. 

I expect Hanson would agree. 

Any disruptive child is clearly being poorly managed and needs to be listened to and placed in an environment which is pleasing to them, where they can function well and thrive, not somewhere they despise, which causes them to rebel and upset the ability of fellow students to learn.

Classes need to be allocated by student interests, ability and prior knowledge, not age range.

Lumping students in together solely based on the year they were born seems idiotic to me.

I understand teachers are taught to organise classes to suit students of differing abilities and interests but it w…

I try to be as trite as everybody else...

But it's hard!

They criticize Corbyn for not bowing to the Queen

But it should be remembered A larrakin in Launceston, Tasmania
Launched some fruit her way In 2000
(It missed)
And nothing more was said!

Philosophy is thinking about thinking

Whereas everything else is just thinking!

Which laws are instant...

And which ones take years to manifest?

Few cults are more dangerous than modern medicine

The huge iatrogenic (doctor caused) death figures should give pause, alone!
But brainwashing and cheap prices, through government subsidies and private insurance agreements, keeps pushing the whole thing along!

I might consider taking a vaccine if visiting a poor, tropical country...

But not in Australia. There's just no need!

Due diligence with childhood vaccinations

We don't want to risk any harm to our children by having them receive vaccines they don't need.  Therefore it behooves us to perform a risk-benefit analysis for each vaccine, to decide if it's needed.  How common and deadly is a disease and how dangerous is the vaccine?
Clearly, these things are contended and that's where the trouble lies.
Establishment medicine has its own formula for success, but is it in the best interests of the child, or is it to suit themselves? They claim honourable selflessness, but is that really true, or just a sales pitch?
In any case, the wise man finds out for himself, rather than being content with received wisdom. This is due diligence- looking deeply into a matter, rather than accepting a consensus that may be based on public relations rather than facts.

The New Age movement in Australia

In the 80's and 90's the new age movement grew. In 2003 it merged with the conspiracy movement.

These are the people who largely avoid mainstream doctors and distrust governments, mainstream institutions and the media, seeing them as corrupted by corporate interests. 

They send their kids to Steiner schools. 
They visit naturopaths. 
They're into Holistic healing. 

They are concentrated on the North Shore of Sydney, in Brighton, Melbourne, and on the Far North Coast of NSW, but they are in every community, no matter how small, and they are NOT GOING AWAY, no matter how inconvenient that may be to the elites who seek to control us all!

Have vaccines become unnecessary?

Falling infectious disease rates in developed countries have led to a point where the risks of receiving any given vaccine may be greater than risks of catching that disease.

There was always going to be a point reached where the rates of  diseases commonly vaccinated against became so low that it became illogical and unethical to continue vaccinating people for them.

Click on image to make clear
In other words, the risk of catching the disease not longer justifies vaccinating people against them, given the risks associated with vaccinations.

Click on image to make clear
Vaccine proponents will argue: vaccination is needed to continue so that disease rates can continue to remain low, rather than spiraling out of control, but I have yet to see any convincing evidence to justify this speculation.

Instead, the falling rates of almost all infectious disease in developed countries, whether commonly vaccinated against or not, seem to indicate that vaccines are not needed to wipe diseases out-…