The medical-industrial complex and governments

Just as there is no dividing line between the military-industrial complex and governments around the world, nor is there any dividing line between the medical-industrial complex and government health agencies.

What the government promotes or supports in the medical field is almost entirely what the profit-based medical-industrial complex wants them to promote or support.

Whether this collision between governments and the private sector in medical care is due to kickbacks or bribes being offered, or due to threats being made, I don't know.

What is clear is that the public, including governments, have been brainwashed by the medical-industrial complex to see the world through the lens they have created to further their business interests.

Those who have studied the history of medicine are aware that governments have been bought to support a system that enhances the power of current medical players, at the expense of the people.

As a result, conscientious folks question all medical advice they receive from governments and the medical establishment, and perform their due diligence to decide fact from fantasy, truth from PR, in terms of the medical advice they receive.

After all, we cannot rely on governments and doctors to do this for us as they are brainwashed members of a system that is not designed to serve the public, but rather vested financial interests.


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