People who impose their "truth" on others

People who think they know the truth and want to impose their “truth” on others are very dangerous indeed.

Richard Pan, medical-industrial complex "true believer" and author of anti-freedom,
health destroying mandatory vaccination laws in California.

There is nothing wrong with thinking you know the truth about a matter, but trying to enforce that “truth” on other people, against their will, is very evil indeed.

It is doubly bad when such coercive behavior becomes institutionalized and has the force of the law behind it.

This is why I despise compulsory vaccination laws and other coercive attempts to control people’s, or their children's, behavior, which may, in the extreme, involve removing children from their homes and forcibly injecting them with toxic chemicals (for cancer treatment or in the case of vaccination), because their parents don’t subscribe to the same unquestioning beliefs as the overreaching government agencies.

The excuse often provided for this tyranny, that the majority of scientists believe a certain medical intervention is a good idea, is no excuse for overriding people's free will, particularly when the opinion of most people, including establishment "experts" on these issues is so grossly misinformed by biased vested interests.

However, even if the establishment's view on these matters was based on solid facts it still would not justify forcibly imposing toxic chemicals on people who don't want them for themselves or their children.

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