Non-violence and science

As a practitioner of non-violence, with the aim of not unduly interfering with the free will of another sentient being, I could never be a formal student of science.

Killing, containing and cutting are but three methods used to interfere with other, non-consent giving beings, in the name of science in "scientific" institutions.

This is thought OK because animal suffering is not seen as important compared to the noble goal of the quest for knowledge through science.

This kind of elitist and emotionally cold thinking is what differentiates a scientist from members of the general public.

Just as fishing is left to those who are happy to kill fish and soldiering is left to those comfortable with killing humans, science, particularly biological science, is left to those comfortable with killing and containing animals for experiments.

As a result, science does not attract the best and the brightest necessarily, but rather the emotionally stunted, but quite intellectually sharp.

This also impacts on the tone of the work done.

High emotional intelligence people with high intellects have the greatest likelihood of moving humanity ahead in the right directions.

Instead of building atomic bombs and massive dams,
both highly destructive activities,
they will move us towards technologies that are life promoting,
for humans and other beings,
and that make the experience of being alive
 so much richer!


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