Monopoly in the health field

As an economist I would like to see equality of opportunity in the health field, rather than the government picking winners and losers.

Currently governments heavily favor chemical-based Rockefeller medicine, which is sold as "scientific", whilst naturopathic medicines such as herbs, which are not patentable, and therefore cannot generate super-normal profits for manufacturers, generate little interest in scientific research, and are therefore branded as "unproven" or "unscientific". 

Only the component chemical parts of natural products are of interest to profit-driven enterprises, as they can be patented, synthesized and generate large profits for the manufacturers.

Even those natural products that prove themselves in scientific testing are rarely, if ever, prescribed by a doctor the way drug company medicines are. There is just no incentive for doctors to do so, as pleasing their pharmaceutical oriented bosses seems their primary aim, and their primary education is in chemical medicines, not natural alternatives.


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