Lifelong Democrat turns "Republican"

With the exception of Ron and Rand Paul I have never favoured a Republican US politician in the past.

Instead, I have favoured Democrat politicians such as Kennedy, Clinton, Obama and Kucinuch.

Only since Trump was elected have I sided against the so-called left or progressive side of politics.

To me the left has fallen into​ a ditch (of its own making) and has lost all perspective on what is actually going on in the world.

Instead, they seem to have fallen into some kind of fantasy land.

A very unpleasant fantasy land, where they seem to think the sky is falling.

Heads up, the sky is not carving in. Things are proceeding as before with the difference that Donald Trump is not doing the bidding of the old power elite, at least not all of it.

The TPP which seemed important to the old, hegemonic powers was killed.

The corrupt EU is also in trouble.

Macron was elected but they can't keep the wolf's at the door for long.

The signs are blowing in the wind.

People are waking up and refusing to be led to their destruction and ultimate servitude.


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