Criticism of the medical industrial complex

Medicine is business. Medicine is politics. 
Rockefeller bought it out a long time ago. 

Non-chemical methods, outside radiation and surgery,
have been crushed ever since.

Chemical drugs are lauded, but it's mostly PR,
smoke and mirrors to keep the fat cats happy.

The whole industry is one giant economic bubble- 
and the USA is the worst!

A giant cash cow that needs slaughtering, 
not saving!

What is the solution?

A fairer system where all types and kinds of healing are given equal billing under law.

Since the Rockefeller takeover in 1913 medicine has narrowed to consiting entirely of chemical medications, radiation therapy and surgery.

The myriad other types of healing have been either sidelined, or thrown own completely.

People have been conned into thinking this is because the chemical medicines are "scientific".

"Science" has been the clever cover word to conceal the blatant takeover of the health industry by the chemical manufacturers and marketers.

"Evidence-based medicine" is a nice idea but the truth is, what we mean by it is: those medicines that have been deemed worthy to invest money in because the potential pay-off is so big.

And that is only possible with patentable, chemical, medications.



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