Chemical safety is unknown

Before new chemicals are allowed on the market they are tested individually on caged animals.

The problems with this approach are many, and include:
(1) The effect of the chemical on humans may not be the same as on the animals,
(2) This is cruel to animals, and,
(3) It provides us with no idea about the synergistic effect multiple chemicals in the environment have on human health, or the health of any living thing.

Ultimately, we are playing Russian roulette with our lives every time a new toxic chemical is released on the market.

Only time will tell what combined effect these chemicals will have, but increasing cancer rates and rates of other diseases, particularly auto-immune ones, may be as a direct result of our increasingly "chemicalised" environment.

The sad thing is that this game of Russian  roulette is not even necessary because the majority of these new man-made chemicals are not needed as we have natural alternatives that have existed in this world for millennia and which we have evolved to live comfortably and healthfully with.


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