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How Trump is seen

By liberals:

By Trump supporters:

Once you forgive everyone of everything...

You will ascend!

Everyone is right, always...

But only for themselves,Never for anyone else!

Health truth revealed

The avoidance of disease is easily enough achieved but we all know the real effort lies in heightening our vitality levels! For that we might require Creating conditions in our life That favour that...
But effort will be involved!
Or at least  The ability to let go the old And grab for the unknown new!

We create the monsters

We build up our own monsters with our own mind and eventually the monster will emerge into our physical reality from our feeling reality.

The media is nothing special...

It's just cardboard cutouts of people being paid to repeat rumours and PR, for the most part.

Sometimes people sharing their ignorant opinions, sometimes someone who has a clue, but who could recognize it anyway, awash in a sea of lies as we all are!

Everyone is anti-science now

If you drive a petrol or electric* car-
you are anti-science. (Climate change)

If your house is not passive solar-
you are anti-science. (Climate change)

If you don't eat a balanced diet, rich in vegetables and fruit,
you are anti-science. (Health science)

If you believe in a religion or anything not yet proven by science,
you are anti-science. (Facts Only)
If you believe electromagnetic fields or GMOs can negatively affect your health
you are anti-science. (Health science)

If you haven't received every vaccine currently available to man-
you are anti-science. (Health science)

If you don't get regular exercise -
you are anti-science. (Health science)

Etc. Etc.
*Electric cars run on electricity from coal power stations in most countries. (Climate Change- Anti-science)

We can't be naive about science

We can't be naive about science.
We must acknowledge it's good and bad.

I saw a free speech...

It didn't cost me anything.

Why we set boundaries

We set boundaries so those around us know what is appropriate behaviour towards us and what is not.
A friend is someone who respects our boundaries, once we have made them clear to them.
Someone who does not respect our clearly expressed boundaries is not a friend, as they don't have our best interest at heart, and so should be avoided.

How to set a boundary

Setting boundaries is about saying
"Thus far and no further"
or even
"Too far! Go back!"The important point is to vocalise
With intent.Better than not speaking
And sufferingOr not speaking,
Just punching in the nose,

100% agreement ≠ truth

You can have 100% agreement on a topic,
but if the people are misinformed
that just means 100% of people are wrong!

This is an actual brain...

Not a symbolic representation!

Misled by their own integrity?

I think some people can be misled about the true state of affairs in our society because they expect their integrity to be matched by the power brokers in our communities or the wider world.
My own understanding is that, at the highest levels, this integrity is not only missing, it is inverted. 
In other words there is activity to actually harm people intentionally. We are talking about some unpleasant people here at the peak of the power pyramids.

See also: If you want to understand a system you need to think outside it

Everything on a mass scale

Our world has been remade by the industrialists. Everything now is on a grand scale, or so it would seem.The scale has become more impersonal and less human, though it has generated high material standards of living and plenty of "stuff" to go around.

Scientists not infallible

It's important to realise
Scientists can be wrong
About a great many things.They are not infallible
Nor are they necessary moral
Or even sensitive to the experience of others.Therefore
Their advice is taken with caution
And under advisement.And morality
And right behaviour
Always trumps
Bad advice!

Control thought = control society MASS MEDIA

Matthew Ward:

War, God and Satan

It’s only ever Satan* that leads man to war, not God. There are no holy wars, wars turn everyone into moral degenerates, that’s part of their purpose. God leads man to peace, and peace only.

*Satan used here to refer to man's lower nature that drags him down if he allows it.

9/11 and the establishment

Once it became clear 911 was an inside job the establishment lost all credibility in many people’s eyes as it became clear how compromised it had become.

Freedom means NOT living by another man’s rules!

Chemical medicine, natural medicine and healing thyself

When medicine is ineffective or expensive the trick is to heal yourself without such assistance.

Generally speaking, chemical medicine is poor and natural medicine is expensive, so for those that aren't wealthy and care about health both are out!

The only drugs that are addictive...

are the ones that work!

And by "work" I mean you feel them working.  Not that you have to take a blood test after some weeks to show some result!

Heroes of the left and right

You are under surveillance...

Call the police!

Shooting off missiles...

Is a very dicky thing to do!

"Bad spirits" are of no concern...

Unless they're poltergeists!

Who can't be intimidated?

To be intimidated you must fear death, physical suffering or social disgrace for yourself or for your loved ones.

Only those who don't fear these things can remain unintimidated by others.


Technocrats tell you what the "perfect" lifestyle is...
and then they try to impose it on you.

Great... just what we need...
Some asshole telling us what we must do!

Don't mess with wellness!

If the body is going well don't fuck with it!

Ill health is a cascading thing. Meaning once one thing goes out of whack other things are more likely to do so.

Therefore, it's crucial that we maintain our body in homeostasis, by keeping everything in balance and working well by avoiding things that can harm our body significantly.

If our health is good we can repel any foreign invader but if it is compromised for some reason it leaves us open to illness.

Therefore, I say, don't mess with the body by putting potentially harmful substances into it. To do so may spark a reaction that leads to diminished health and even death.

Science is neutral, its use is not

Science* is just a neutral tool. Let’s not get too excited about it. It’s how it’s used that’s important.  Is it being used to uplift and enlighten life or is it being used in a destructive way?

Getting excited about science is like getting excited about a knife. Yes knives are useful but they are also used to kill and injure people.

What is important is compassion for all living things, not some kind of mindless attachment to increasing our knowledge, at the expense of other living creatures.

*Note: there is no clear definition of what science is or clear division between science and pseudoscience.  I use the term "science" just because it's a familiar one.

You can invest in a sniper rifle, a shotgun, a hand gun...

and an assault rifle…

Or you can just get along with you neighbours!

Promotions only...

I don't fight and I don't argue
But I am willing to promote
A worthy cause
A peaceful cause...

The promotion of freedom, primarily,
and then wisdom, love, intelligence,
effciency, fun, achievement...

Beating people on the head

beating people
on the head
Make the world
A better place?

What is extremism?

The extreme side of any debate involves forcing things on people, or forcing people to do things against their will. There is no respect for individual autonomy by extremists.

We're not deep - The Housemartins (MUSIC)

Angels and science

You can study angels and science simultaneously and it doesn’t have to be a problem. Angels can fit into a scientific paradigm. We know energy is invisible and that it can radiate at different frequencies, different speeds, so we can perceive, some we cannot!

Meeting the real Queen

It would be interesting to meet the real Queen of England (rather that one of her rumoured "fill-ins"), to see, or feel, how reptilian she really is, if at all.
That's the only real way to find out.
But first, you must be sure you are in the presence of the real Queen of England, and not one of her rumoured doubles.

Statistics can't tell you what to do

Statistics relate to populations, not individuals.
You can't use a survey of a group of people to tell an individual what they should do, in any instance. It doesn't work like that.
Everyone is unique and must work things out for themselves, including how their life should look.
No survey, however sophisticated or "accurate" can do that!

What is the self?

The self (as an identity) has been described as the dialogue that goes on in our head, or at least the portion of it that deals with self-definition.

In other words, the self is just a thought, just an idea, with no lasting significance or reality.

Another view is that the self is consciousness, itself, the one thing that is relatively stable (while we are awake) while the contents of consciousness (thoughts, feelings, sensations) forever shift.

When Trump completes his spiritual ascension...

He may look like this:

How the establishment gets people to conform (pt.1)

An anonymous voice can speak freely, but once a person gains significant attention that person will come under increasing pressure to conform to the views of vested interests that have the ability to destroy a person- their careers and their reputation- if they choose not to do so.

That, I believe, is the main reason for conforming opinions among establishment players, not some inherent truth to what they are saying, which is what many mistakenly believe, but solely due to a "screening" process that "weeds out" non-conformists.

Those who work their way up through establishment organisations are brainwashed along the way, only exposed to establishment views and the evidence that supports these views, and as a result will fight to maintain these views and attack conflicting opinions.

Those who buy into the programming the most are the most likely to rise to positions of influence, while those with dissenting views are either frozen out of power positions, or sacked.

I'm not perfect, but I have Jesus on my side...

So I don't need to be!

Where would we be without Science?

Without Science we would probably still think our planet was the center of existence, that God was real and that our lives were eternal and had some kind of "deeper meaning". Thanks, Science!

Android v Apple OS

As an Android user I can't say I'm a big fan of the OS on iPads. I thought Apple were the masters of simplicity and intuitive functioning. Not so. It seems Google with their Android systems do it much better.

Should alcoholic spirits be banned?

Strong alcoholic drinks, such as whisky and rum, are really only good for "de-greasing engines and killing brain cells"* but that doesn't mean I think they should be banned. It's not my role to decide what others can and can't do- that's for the control freaks to decide!

*Cypher in The Matrix (film)


Technocrats not only want society to be run by a rigid set of rules (determined by them), they would also like to regiment our personal lives. Well, they can fuck off!

Power elite don't like democracy

The power elite don’t like democracy which it why it remains largely a façade. Elections can be controlled, stage managed and bought.  However, the victory of Trump over Clinton shows that things don’t always go to plan.

Newspapers and other mainstream media can destroy candidates or ignore them so they go nowhere. This happens when the candidate is running a non-establishment campaign, questioning foreign wars and the takeover of Congress by big business. Ron Paul (R) and Dennis Kucinich's (D) campaigns in recent years come to light.

Only half a man

Alas, I am only half a man... But I am three quarters...
Of a  goat!

Freedom warrior v establishment shill (PIC)

Why WIKILEAKS scares the establishment

WIKILEAKS scares the establishment because of their impeccable publishing record. Their integrity is unparalleled in modern reporting. The truth of their claims has been verified repeatedly and the material speaks for itself.
Establishment attempts to smear or vilify the organisation have proven largely ineffective. It remains very popular and respected among key demographics- particularly the 15-50 age group.
WIKILEAKS undermine this establishment by revealing their secrets- as the establishment only functions through secrecy because their operations don't have the moral integrity to be scrutinized by light of day (i.e. be subject to public scrutiny) and survive intact.

March for pseudoscience?

If they ever conduct a march for pseudo-science I will be there...
Shaking my fist at them!

Knowledge master v spiritual master

A spiritual master is a master of life.
They are comfortable with themselves and not at war with anyone or anything.

A knowledge master is a master of a field of knowledge, but they are not necessarily masters of life- able to make life work entirely for them no matter what seems to be happening and able to go through life without distress or alarm.

Questioning the role and size of government

Questioning the size and role of government should be a priority for people of any political persuasion, no matter which side of the isle they sit.The Constitution of the USA gave some level of clarity as to what their national government should NOT do, however, it seems it is largely ignored now.

Understanding western medicine

Once you understand the economics of western medicine you can understand the morality of it. Simply speaking, there is none. It’s about profit maximization at the expense of the consumer. Officials are bought off so that there exists little protection for consumers. The people working at the ground level generally mean well but the medical system has been set up with profits in mind, not the well-being of patients.

To change this system the corruption existing within it and the foul motives of those at the top must be fully revealed to the public. This is difficult when governments and the mainstream media are all in the pocket of the medical industrial complex.

Anyone who steps out of line and speaks away from the talking points presented by the medical establishment is attacked mercilessly.  After all, there are billions of dollars of profits to protect and everyone is in on the take- doctors, government officials, politicians, etc.  They all feed from the same trough.

It is only p…