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The struggle to exist.

Where the world is ruled from

The world is ruled from Foundations.These are where the super wealthy elites place their funds to manipulate worldly events under the auspices of philanthropy.Not to say all Foundations are evil or set up for personal gain (the initial Carnegie Foundation) but many may be as the Rockefeller Foundation is said to be.

Resistance from the deep state

Anyone who's not working for the deep state runs into a lot of resistance!

Assassination shemozzle

An assassin points his gun at the minister.
You'll never guess what happened next.

My medical recommendation

Having studied the various branches and types of medicine my primary advice to the potential patient is go with a form of treatment you are comfortable with and confident of.Do not let others bully you or attempt to brainwash you that their way is the only way.That is always BS when it comes to something as multifaceted as human healing!Beyond that, if you are still confused, try starting with less invasive and more safe therapies before advancing to the more potentially dangerous.

Difference between scientists and mystics

Scientists think the outside world-
The world you can see, touch, etc.
With the "outer" senses
Is the real and primary world,
And that the "inner world"
That exists for us
Whether the outer world is intruding-
Or not-
Is a secondary, or derivative world,
And not as real as the first.Whereas mystics see it in reverse.
The see the inner world
Where we retreat when we withdraw from our senses-
As the primary, or more real world,
Than the world revealed by
The physical senses.

Politics is winner takes all, which is why...

It is often played to the death!

45% of people will get sick...

Who watch this ad!

Kurt is in heaven now.

Climate change and the increasing frequency of the earth

Everything is becoming more vigorous...
But that is a challenging process...
Given the structures were designed...
In yesteryear.When the life energyMoved slower.

Man never landed on the moon, it was in...

East Texas!

Designing effective systems is my main concern

Nothing you can do about human motivation...
But work with it.Harnessing human enthusiasm
Is key.
In a system workableFor all!

Sagan Wallace during her speech at the Reagan Institute.

The digital age

Nobody knows anything for sure.

There's a little known "in secret"
among the world's top minds,
And it is this:
Nobody really knows anything for sure,
Bar what the 5 senses tell us right now.
And beyond that...
Most "knowledge"
Is simply conceit!

Truth is horror!

There's nothing worse...
Than truth!It shatters every illusion...
Every refuge of the soul!

Anything imaginable is possible...

So what do you want to experience?

The artiste Kurtz Cobaine

Nirvana- hypnosis band

A smoking weed approach

1. Initial effect can be stimulatory.
Plenty of fresh air is preferred.
Ideally outdoor in a safe location.Like forestOr beach.
If indoor a fan can be used.
Or 3.

Everythings a psy-op?

So many things are psy-op material these days it's hard to know who to trust.

Neil Gorsuch comes to Washington

A woman in the future.

Kurt Cobain


Things R az they Iz

It's been said:
Things are...
As they
Is.But R they...
As they Iz?

The future we are working towards?

Zooey Deschanel

Hide your money in a foundation

If you become obscenely wealthy it's wise to hide your money in a foundation. That way, you can achieve social influence under the guise of philanthropy.It can also be used to further your other business dealings.

Recognise no opposition

Orthodoxy and truth

Clearly, truth is more important than orthodoxy, but for those for whom belonging is all important, this is not the case.It is these fearful, often poorly informed, followers that actually give the consensus or orthodox view much of its seeming weight.It's as if truth is a matter of consensus rather than the reality that truth is the case irrespective of how many people believe it.

Independence of belief

Everybody believes in something, but just because​ somebody, or even many people, believe in something, doesn't mean you have to as well.

Staying​ skeptical about everything

I think it's important to realise second-hand information can be wrong, no matter how trustworthy or certain the bearer of the information seems to be, or how commonly expressed the information is.In other words: stay skeptical and stay open-minded!That way you won't be caught backing a loser when better information is discovered!

Chemicals poisoning the earth

Mankind goes against nature by producing endless toxic chemicals that are created by breaking down natural substances into their component parts.Ostensibly, this creation of toxic and often non-biodegradable chemicals is  to advance humanity in some way. Sadly, it tends to do the exact opposite- it poisons bodies and the environment in which we live reducing the health of all concerned.A closer look at the chemical industry reveals an out of control sector, more interested in generating profits than inadvancing life on earth.We also see an unhealthy collusion between chemical manufacturers and governments resulting in natural alternatives being sidelined or even banned outright, like is the case with hemp, to clear the way for profit making in the chemical industry.The end result of this process is a polluted environment, sick people, and large profits being made by unscrupulous operators and corrupt government officials.

Appreciate life, don't try to explain it

Life is to be appreciated, not explained. For the explainers suck the magic out of life as they attempt to explain it whilst those who appreciate life bring themselves to live and those that around them.

Labels are largely irrelevant

I don't think it matters too much what labels a person attaches to themselves. All that really matters is how we act towards others andourselves.People separate themselves from one another by labelling others and seeing them as different, wrong and in conflict with themselves.This is totally unnecessary and it is only the ego - that most superficial, fear-based and inauthentic part of our self - that thinks in terms of us and them, good guys and bad guys.Maturity comes when we look beyond labels at our shared humanity.This enables us to see we are basically the same at our core and this realisation should lead us to attempting to empathise and get along with one another rather than seek to be antagonistic with others.People will argue that others do differ with them in terms of their values and politics, and this is true, but this is no reason to cast them out as pariahs.Agree to differ, if you must, but don't fail to see the underlying humanity that unites you.For if we do re…

The solution to growing anti-vaccine sentiment

Growing distrust of governments, corporations, mainstream institutions and the media is feeding growing anti-vaccine sentiment.

I don't see this reversing any time soon and heavy-handed tactics by governments to force vaccine compliance is only feeding this sentiment.

I think the answer is for each group: pro-vax and anti-vax, to accept their differing views and to not attempt to force their views on the opposing camp.

This means: anti-vaxxers not banning vaccines altogether, so pro-vaxxers can't receive them, and pro-vaxxers not requiring anti-vaxxers to receive vaccines for themselves or their children that they don't want.

This logical and respectful action would reduce the fever pitch at which the current vaccine debate is being conducted.

After all, any attempt by the state to usurp the people's free will will be met with resistance and things could get ugly if governments continue with their current coercive practices.

People don't like being told what to do, e…

Intelligence and not knowing

Part of intelligence is knowing what we don't know, but it's also having an inkling of what others, who claim to know, also don't know.Ignorant people have a tendency to over-inflate their knowledge and can come across as certain about things they may be quite ignorant about.It's important to bear this in mind when we examine the opinion of others.

The nanny state

It's none of my business how other people live their lives and nor is it the business of any government.Governments are there to build the roads, provide national defence and perhaps care for the disadvantaged, not to tell people how to live. The fact that governments have gotten heavily into social engineering shows how far down the rabbit hole we've gone into a nanny state, where our smallest actions are monitored and judged.

The trick to achieving contentment

I think the trick to achieving
Some kind of contentment
With life
Is to not place conditions
On your happiness.If you can be content
With a life that may not meet
All your prior expectations
Then you have a chance
Of happiness.If you require your life,
Or the world, more generally,
To achieve a certain outcome
Before you decide
Life is worth living
Then I think you will be disappointed
And may give up hope entirely!

How to be at peace in this world

The only way to be happy and at peace is to accept the world as it is.  That doesn’t mean we can’t work for change but we can’t be attached to achieving an outcome before we will be happy. We are one of eight billion people on this planet and it isn’t in our hands to singularly determine its fate.

The invisible government

By John F. Hylan, former Mayor of New York City
The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government, which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation . . .  
The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes.
They practically control both parties . . .  [and] control the majority of the newspapers and magazines in this country.
They use the columns of these papers to club into submission or drive out of office public officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government.
It operates under cover of a self-created screen [and] seizes our executive officers, legislative bodies, schools, courts, newspapers and every agency created for the public protection. 

I apologize to the trees and the animals

For the inconsiderateness
Of the human race
Towards them!

Keeping science pure and free of politics

The only way to keep science pure and free of politics is to do it alone. Once two or more people are involved politics enters the equation and science is no longer pure any more. Just as the camel is said to be a horse designed by a committee, science, as it is currently directed and then communicated to the public is "truth" designed by a committee.That is, it is tainted by politics and can become a tool of those with power against those without.

Violent sounds

I don't wish to be a prude
But I don't think it's ever OK
To make violent sounds.It's just too disruptive
to your neighbour-
Particularly when
that neighbour is me!

GDP is not a measure of well-being

Instead it is measure of money that changed hands over the course of a year. Whether people are happier or not as a result will depend on what the money was spent on.

Faith in the Lord

Yes, I say have FAITH in THE LORD,
But I say also:
Be wary
There are many snakes among men
Casting about lies.

Noisy world

Living on a planet where the chain saw and the noisy motorbike exist is a definite downer for those of us on the upward path of sensory expansion and sensitisation. Violent sounds are anathema to the harmonious state required for the peace, tranquility and oneness required to commune deeply.

God's benedictions

It's easy to say
God's benedictions
Rained down upon you.
But where's the proof?

Conspiracy theorist

It is very bad to a conspiracy theorist-
All the reputable people say so.Problem is:
There's nothing else you can be
These days
If you're interested in current events
And history, too.
And pay attention to what unfolds.

People with true authority

People with true authority are rarely, if ever, seen on TV. True authority is a danger to the status quo because the status quo is built on lies.  Therefore, someone with true knowledge will be shunned by those news outlets promoting fake "truths" that serve the power elite at the expense of the common man.

The governments role in health care

"Let the consumer decide, not the government."
The government has a role in freeing up the healthcare market, making sure it is free of collusion and big firms bullying smaller firms out of the market, and in ensuring the poor have access to adequate health care.
Currently, health care is deeply corrupt in the west, with too few companies controlling the market and with governments only exacerbating the situation by providing market protection for these firms.
The end result is high prices and poor products leading to poor health outcomes.
What needs to happen is opening the health care market up to competition by leveling the playing field with the government getting out of the business of picking winners and losers. That is for consumers to decide as they do in other markets, and is based around branding.
Good products and manufacturers will do well as their brand succeeds in the marketplace, while poor and overpriced products and their providers will disappear.

The level pla…

Talking is for fools

Are we being rushed, intentionally?

What if the human race is being rushed, intentionally, for some ulterior motive, by some sinister force?

Establishment "experts"

Establishment “experts” have blinkers on, but they can’t tell because their associates wear the same blinkers!

And these blinkers were placed on them early in their career to ensure they "got with the program"- the program that serves the power elite at the expense of the common man!

Sheep think

"Sometimes I meet a person who expresses a strange view, but I know it's wrong because it's not the view expressed by the experts on TV."


Power-entrenched orthodoxy doesn’t like being challenged and has many tools as its disposal to dissuade and even destroy those with competing ideas.

How to free yourself from the programming

When you realise what is presented in the mainstream media about significant matters is not the truth but rather what vested interests want the general public to believe, you are freed from the programming.

Why you look at me funny?

Life is a fun game...

Or you're approaching it wrong!