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Agreement can't be expected on complex matters

Anything that can’t be directly observed can be argued over. To expect everyone to agree on complex matters is very na├»ve! It's not as if everyone trusts the same sources of knowledge and so not everyone will accept a view, even if those that do think it is the "consensus" view or that "the science is settled".

Re: Brexit

Why would any English person wish to be governed by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels?

You can have trade and travel agreements without having to cede your autonomy to a centralised elite.

Clearing up illness

In my own experience and from my understanding illness tends to follow prolonged unhappiness and if you clear up the unhappiness you clear up the illness.

Black and white thinking

Black and white thinking is rarely useful.
It is rare that something is all good or all bad.Yet people often cling to these simplistic notions, mainly so they don't have to think about things or look into them too deeply, I believe.It's important to realise this so we don't blindly fall into such lazy, infantile habits about complex issues.

Do vaccines cause autism? MATTHEW WARD

The suppression of legal marijuana

A herbal medicine like marijuana, that is undeniably effective for a wide range of health conditions, is the worst nightmare for the chemical drug merchants. 

No wonder it's legal use has been suppressed for so long by the amoral pharmaceutical lobby.  The danger to their profits is very real.

The problem with medical marijuana

The problem with medical marijuana is that it reduces people's suffering which is very unpopular among the greedy elites who wish it to remain banned. Additionally, it will cut into the profits they make from the toxic drugs they market to the public. Therefore, legal marijuana is a double loss for these people- less wealth for them and better health for the public- and this is not what they have in mind! See also: The suppression of legal marijuana.

Devolve power to the local level

The centralisation of power increases the risk of tyranny. Power is best "devolved" to the local level where the individual has some ability to influence decisions. That is why the TPP, the EU and other binding centralised legal agreements are to be shunned.Ultimately, it is important that national governments recind their power and hand it back to people at the local level, when practical to do so, so that local decisions can be made by local people, rather than by bureaucrats or politicians in distant lands or cities.

Liberation from false beliefs

It's very liberating to realise that much of what we are taught is true is actually nonsense that originates from those who have a vested interest in having people view things a certain way.Because people are taught to define themselves by their beliefs they will often hold onto these false beliefs they have been conditioned to accept like bulldogs with a stick.You are not what you believe and what we have collectively been taught to think is in many cases total nonsense that helps a select group of individuals maintain worldly power.Realising this is the case for many areas of human endeavour, particularly those where large sums of money are involved, or where certain ideas support the agenda of the already powerful, is liberating indeed for all that false data can be thrown in the bin and we can begin again fresh with a clear mind.

Decision making at the local level

Overly centralised control is, in general, a bad idea. Instead, control should be spread throughout the 3 kingdoms (land, sea, and air).This arrangement should include local control of decisions that could significantly affect the local area. Making decisions from a distance may result in a region being used in an exploitative way due to a lack of care for the area.I believe only locals are fit to make sound decisions about a local area due to their proven commitment to living in the area and their investment in the area continuing to thrive as a community.

Milo v Real Time with Bill Maher panel (photos)

Is Trump Illuminati?

Trump is flawed but he is not Illuminati. Evidence: he killed the TPP, their beloved trade agreement. Result: Massive efforts to undermine him by the old bastions of power, still under Illuminati control.


You cannot fight with another...
without having first fought with yourself!

Drugs and faith

When a drug has an effect on the way you feel you don't need someone to tell you it works. All the medical drugs designed to alter bodily conditions without effecting how you feel must be taken on faith. We cannot feel them working and so their effects are unclear to our consciousness. Instead we take the word of a doctor who says it does this (desired) effect but look out for this unwanted effect. Whether this information is good or just a marketing speil is anyone's guess! How trustworthy is the process from lab to pharmacy? Who controls the industry and is their #1 motive improving people's health or is it something else. For example, profit?

Herbs and the pharmaceutical business

Whole herbs are unpatentable and therefore of no interest to multi-national pharmaceutical corporations looking to maximise profits.
With the large expenditure required to discover, test and bring to market a new drug a non-patentable substance like a whole herb will not be tested by a profit driven firm.
Instead, natural products are broken down into constituent parts, which are patentable, and these parts are then tested for medicinal effects.
Only a patentable substance will provide the manufacturer or discoverer the capacity to make a super-normal profit, due to their temporary monopoly on the product.
How large this super-normal profit is will depend on many factors including the availability of substitute drugs. If there are none the ability to price gouge is considerable.
This is why we have new chemical drugs come on the market regularly.
Patents on drugs only last 20 years after their discovery and registration and so new drugs must be invented to take over from the old to ke…

Chemical medicine

I have a sneaking suspicion that chemical medicine of the kind doctors prescribe is not very good for you.How could a denatured chemical taken regularly have a positive effect on the body?It makes no sense."Scientific" testing suggests the chemical is good at doing something in the body that is wanted without doing too much else of something that is unwanted.Fair enough if people buy this story and believe in the value of the chemical to achieve some kind of wonder, but excuse me if I don't buy it!

Accepting destruction to achieve peace

When we see what is going on in the world- the profit making at the expense of the planet and the people on it- it can lead to anger or despair.Neither of these responses is sustainable long-term.To be a powerful creator, who creates with joyful abandon we need to be at peace with the world around us.This means we must accept the behaviour of all living upon the planet, including that that​ behaviour we deem highly destructive.Clearly, there is much that occurs on this planet that we cannot stop or control. Realising this, and realising the stance that makes us more effective and happy in our own lives, we allow these things to occur and find peace with it.A spiritual perspective helps this process and may prove essential.

Papaji: "Drop all concepts"

The phrase "drop all concepts", spoken by Indian spiritual guru Papaji, was used to help his students abandon useless mechanical thinking that creates distance between ourselves and the living moment and to help them come to life by being present to the unspoken reality of things.

Science, authority and the power elite

Science can be seen as another attempt (like religion) to move authority out of the self and towards a group of unelected elites.

This suits the power elite, who seek to control the human race, as all they have to control are those deemed (by them and the systems they create) "authorities".  They can then use these authorities to promote the messages they approve of by ramming them down people's throats through the various media outlets they control.

This is the only way to control social beliefs en masse- setting up authorities that repeat your message and then promoting that message through the mass media.

Those who refuse to accept the authority of these external bodies- whether they be institutions, authorities or religions- are unable to be controlled by the power elite and represent the greatest danger to their continued control.

See also: Earthly authorities as God's representatives,How science is used to control people (pt.1)

Censorship through taboo creation

The more topics we make taboo...
The more we slide...
Into artifice!

Ending legal control by the elites

Increasing tax rates on the rich will not alter the power of the elites.
Whilst the elites control the legal system they will create ways to hide their wealth from taxation and from public view.
My understanding is that it is invested in foundations and trusts and the like. This enables the investor controlling interest and a fund to fulfill their desires whilst appearing to nobly serve the public.
(2) Tax Rates
I say keep tax rates on corporate income low to discourage avoidance and encourage investment. An appropriate number might by 15-20% but will depend on competitor nation rates and budgetary needs.
For individuals rates should go no higher than 35 percent and be 0 on those with subsistence incomes.
(3) Extraction of Legal Control from Elites
This seems to be the key to wrestling control of the world from existing elites and placing them in the hands of the public.
Political leaders need to be placed under great scrutiny for their voting and political behaviour and held up to th…

Local land ownership only

All land should be returned to the ownership/stewardship of people who live in the local area.
Those from elsewhere should be able to rent properties, or be put up as guests, but should not significantly alter the local environment without getting the approval of the local population, first.
RATIONALE: One of primary necessities for environmental destruction is a lack of connection with the land. 
I believe ownership/stewardship of the land should belong to those who live on the land, not in far away cities.
This will increase the likelihood of sound environmental, social and economic decisions being made as the locals care for the future of their area.

This law could be bent where conditions allow to enable families to own a weekend getaway cottage such as a Dasha, in Russian terms.

People are being called Russians...

People are being called Russians and Nazis when they are Americans and free thinkers.Not sure what's going on.Some kind of confusing obfuscation process perhaps.

The carbon tax problem

A carbon tax is a rational response to current ideas about climate change.
It directly targets the perceived negative (carbon emissions) and penalises its creation, thereby discouraging it.
The problem lies in the fact that it's value depends upon it being widely adopted.
Without this, the country that goes it alone may put itself in economic difficulties by changing the playing field with its economic rivals.

Not everybody gets along

Hemp and forests

I would like to see hemp fibre replace wood fibre in construction and paper making. Pulping trees is a terrible waste. I think we should leave as many trees in the ground as possible.They almost always improve the environment for living in.
The current habit of cutting down swathes of trees in one go is particularly reckless and destructive to the environment.To replace this with light selective cutting once in a while, replacing our wood fire needs with hemp, would be a major step forward for mankind and the planet.

Those calling others fascists

People who call those they disagree with a fascist or a Nazi are like the boy who cried wolf.  Nobody believes or trusts their opinions as a result.  They just seem like crazed loonies to those with a more balanced mindset.

The danger of relying on expert opinions

The complexity of modern life has made us increasingly rely on the opinions of experts to make decisions. 

The danger of this lies in these experts being bought or controlled by malevolent or amoral forces in our society.

This is already the case according to many, due to the desire of powerful vested interests to control views so as to further their own agenda.

Man as machine equals suffering

Man in thinking like a machine rather than as a fully feeling being, is only making a fool of himself, and making his time on the earth more difficult and more deprived than it need be!


Something that cannot be immediately demonstrated
Cannot convince another person 100%.That's why there's disagreements in this world.This doesn't have to be a problem if we can allow others to enjoy their opinion in peaceAnd reach compromise in areas of shared concern.

Is reality a shared hallucination?

A free society is best

A free society, with free association and a free economy, is best. Within it, people can join together and act in common interest, or they can act as wholly independent entities, making choices to suit themselves only.

Is the subtle level the primary level?

We may find the subtle level
Which can be felt but not observed- Is actually the primary level
Upon which all other levels depend. And we may discover
that to positively effect all levels
We should begin with the primary level-

Are activists evil?

Anyone trying to shove something down your throat in an aggressive way
is definitely an extremist on the matter at hand.Emotional outbursts belong to the emotionally damaged and unhealed.

The only fully trustworthy evidence

Other people's claims are not evidence. Even statistics are not evidence. Data can be manipulated or poorly gathered and its analysis can be biased.Evidence is experiencing something first-hand while in a lucid state of mind. That is true evidence that leads to true knowledge.Everything else is second-hand gossip.

What is meaningful?

Just because something is meaningful to someone else doesn't mean it has to mean a damn thing to you! And those who say it does are so full of themselves and their own concerns that they can't see that someone else has the right to have their own interests and concerns, separate from theirs!

Alt-right underground TV

Alex Jones' INFOWARS station, broadcast from Austin, Texas.

Punching one another

When we are talking about people punching one another- It's the rabid mobs we are talking about, not good Christian citizens, like ourselves!

Gender neutrality

Gender neutrality is a key feature
Of 5th dimensional living
Hence my new name

Being a fascist

Being a fascist is not about having an unappealing view of the world      and other people...
It's about forcing that view onto others.
That is, it's about not respecting other people's free will    to think and act as they wish.
Instead, it's about forcing them to do as you wish   at the barrel of a gun.

I receive, process and transmit information...

I know of no "self" of which you talk.


People who are willing to open their mind to various possibilities rather than just one will not be as subject to brainwashing as those who won’t.

Before the red pill moment

A lot of people haven't had their red pill moment yet where they realise so much that we are told about the world is a sham.
They are still believers that the appearance of things is their actual truth.
They trust the TV and the contrived authorities that are paraded before them to pull the wool over their eyes and blind them to the truth.

They are totally unaware of this.
Equating "consensus" with truth, though it be a contrived consensus, bought in a marketplace that precious few own, they stumble around in a fog, as if drunk.

My political position

Politically I lean far left, far right, mid right, center and left on the issues.

Never call out a reptilian

Once exposed
they may lash out!

I exist in it.

The evil tactics for good purpose argument...

is bunk!

Some thoughts on extremism

The difference between an extremist and a moderate to me is: -the extremist believes the ends justifies the means, hence dead bodies, broken faces and ruined lives are OK if it leads to an improved society in the long run;-whereas the moderate, rational or empathic person believes the means must be worthy of the ends.  That is, no ugly actions to achieve a noble end. No hurting people, animals, nature, etc. unnecessary to achieve a goal.Why do people end up an extremist?
The belief their normal, moderate and helpful actions will achieve the aim of their group quickly enough, if at all.So instead they turn to the destruction of their perceived enemies and focus on attacking them instead of helping the community generally.This is a FEAR-BASED RESPONSE that comes from a general feeling of powerlessness which leads to depression.Extremist groups prey upon such hopeless feelings and feed them their ideology of "positive practice"- plotting the destruction of their enemies!

What is the goal of the Berkeley rioters?

The purpose of the Berkeley rioters seems to be to discredit the left and generate sympathy for the right.  Whether this is intentional or not is difficult to say. 

Extremists are notoriously irrational, being totally reactionary and emotion driven.  So it would not be surprising for extremists to actually be working against their own supposed cause.

Ultimately, though, no matter what their proclaimed political objective is they are just bringing darkness into the world because they are people who are full of fear and hate and they just project this out onto the world around them.

Exteremists actions backfire

Kicking an own goal is par for the course for extremists.  Their rational mind is gone, take oven by raw emotion, hence their poorly thought out and unproductive behavior that hinders, rather than helps their cause.

Not a Zionist shill

This I can proudly announce. My only allegiance is to truth, as I know and believe it to be, not to any particular nation state or ideology.


Continues to grow in scope.


The forces of darkness
Seek to divide us...
Let us not be...
Their channel!

Science: primarily an idea

Science is more an idea than a concrete reality. There is no one method that can be equally applied to all problems. At least not one commonly thought of as scientific- for science is a group pursuit, primarily- but one involving the self, alone. Experiential science, the one we have been conducting since before birth.

I only teach ascension...

via the heart ray.

How I view the elite

The main difference between the wealthy elite and other people is access, not character, I think. That is, I don't think they should be thought of as monsters, just people enamoured of a certain situation they perhaps fear to lose. This may generate some unpleasant behaviour they believe is necessary for the role they play.

What was the Jedi's next move?

USA- an economy built on sickness and war

America is constantly at war.  The economy depends on it.

Americans are constantly sick. The economy depends on it.

Was Trump ordained by God?

What role does God play?