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Religion is good, but...

Religion is good if the people like it...
But not if they feel forced to be there.

Ascension of the earth plane

Can heaven descend  or must we move upwards  in consciousness to reach it?

Money concerns among billionaires

No-one is free from money concerns, not the least the billionaires, who have to worry the most about holding onto it all!

Is there a dark side of the force?

The Force has no "dark side" in my view but humans can choose to use their knowledge to destroy things, rather than build them.Existence, itself, is free of any moral dimension, in of itself. For moral opinion is of man, and perhaps no other creature. And so ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, begins and ends with mankind.Existence simply is, and those living pieces or consciousnesses that make it up, simply are.The conclusions or interpretations we place on existence are simply our own projections, particularly those of a "moral" nature, and do not affect or relate to the true ISNESS of existence.And ISNESS is one without a second.There is no good and bad in oneness, just what IS.

What does "being with Trump" mean?

I take it to mean approving of the man and attempting to help shape and promote the policies of his you agree with, while pointing out the flaws in the one's you don't.It is not attacking him as a person, as blind enemies do, but attempting to shape his policy ideas by engaging with him in a friendly way.

Do I believe in vaccines?

Short answer yes.
I believe vaccines may help a person avoid a serious illness.
But I also know they can make you sick. It has happened to my mother and, according to internet reports and friends, many other people, it would seem.
As a result, my own approach is to avoid receiving them unless there is a very good reason to do so.
Such a reason may be the plan to travel to an infected region, particularly when others will be preparing my food.
Facing such circumstances, various vaccines may be considered.
The final decision rests with oneself and one's faith in, and perceived need of, the vaccines being offered and should not rest with some outside agency such as a government.

Doctor's prescription

I don't care what my doctor prescribes as long as it's scientific and not woo.And by scientific, I mean has passed with flying colours double blind testing by multiple independent experts with the resulting data analysed multiple actualstatisticians, not biology or med majors.Until then I'll smoke weed...
Because I know it works!

Does "being right" matter in politics?

Politically speaking, it doesn’t really matter who is right or wrong, a relative thing anyway, it only matters who gets to move their agenda forward.
For politics is the world of the gaining and wielding of power, and power is amoral, like life, itself.

Just as life doesn't choose the most virtuous to survive and thrive, power doesn't choose the most virtuous to wield it, only those most able to attract it and handle its demands!

Influencing the President, mentally

If you wish to impact on a President, psychically, you can’t feel resistance towards them.

You must wholeheartedly approve of them
so you can merge into them, on a mental and feeling level.

After all, no-one wishes to engage with hateful or disapproving energy on a mental or feeling level, so these emotions cannot be in you if you wish to connect on that level.

This acceptance does not have to extend to a blanket approval of their behaviour or ideas but it must equate to accepting their basic nature, however!

What this means is accepting the person as they are and approving of their fundamental nature and accepting the goodness at their core!


How Trump defeats his opponents

Trump is outflanking his opponents
  And putting them
   in a position
Where their views look weak
  In comparison to his.This is how he defeats them-
 By giving them no solid ground
On which to debate.We saw this happen in the Republican debates
Where he destroyed his competitors
  One by one,
And made them look weak.He will do the same with the current crop.
(One tweet at a time.)They are doomed!

Authority figures are bought and sold, constructed and grown...

Many people base their beliefs on the pronouncements of authority figures.  The problem is "authority figures" tend to be bought and sold by those who wish to control the debate.

Authority figures are generally so deeply enmeshed in the current paradigm that they can't see its flaws or perceive an alternative view.

They are literally paid to "kick with the wind" and so you will never hear an alternative view from them even if an alternative may be more truthful that the current fashionable one.

Naive trust in medicine

People are strange. They don't expect the oil business to be morally pure, but they do the medical business. Maybe because their innocent trust is encouraged at every turn. There is much money to be made from people's naive acceptance of what they are told is "good for them".

My approach to the medical industry

I think the medical industry has been deeply corrupted by money and that the authorities who oversee it are either bought out, brainwashed or taught to fear taking an alternate stance.And so of course I am leery of its products.That doesn't mean I don't use one or two of them on occasion but most of them I just see as hyped up toxins, really.Of course, I trust in the products that have clearly shown their worth over time and through experience, such as pain killers and antibiotics, but the rest I generally give a pass.I do believe health begins with a peaceful heart and don't believe random chemicals thrown into the mix are going to help much with that, so I don't look for salvation in that area.

Re: Criticism of Trump

There are people who have run zero businesses who think they know better than Trump. Ha! There is a thing called the real world. That cunt lives in it, unlike all the dreamers who oppose him. The world needs dreamers, but they can't claim to know what works in the world of business and politics. Being a soft cunt may not cut the mustard!

God is lawful not moral

God isn't moral according to human ideas of morality-
He's lawful, and there's a big difference.
Laws are always the case, no exceptions, and so must be totally sensitive to our every move, so as they always "spring into action" when called upon, knowingly or unknowingly.

Morals are a changing thing, subject to fashion, and differing from one person and culture to another.  Still, we do have a built in compass through which to judge our actions which we call our conscience.

This is God given and shows it is OUR duty to plot our course and judge it, not some external authority.

Good advice from the Amish

By passing off silly laws and customs as “English” you can safely ignore them!

Fanatics on the left and right...

look the same to me!

Fanatics are counter-productive

Fanatics of all persuasions give their movements a bad name.  And what is a fanatic? Someone who believes the ends justifies the means.  Someone who believes intimidation and violence is justified because of some future goal. They think such extreme measures are necessary because their perceived "enemy" engages in such things. But to fight a thing is to become that thing.  That is why fighting evil with evil doesn't work. It just makes everyone evil and what is gained then?

No orders outside the military

Unless you’re in the armed forces there’s no such thing as an order, just a suggestion!

Slacker lifestyle hacks

Alcohol + Pills

Freedom from Tyranny is an inner thing...

but it can relate to outer events!

Unity message: Love Trump, don't hate him

As they say in Star Trek...

Don't go chasing a hologram!

Justice is either automatic or not at all

Many people believe justice is only dealt out at the end of our life by a God who observes and judges our every deed.
Others place their faith in justice in man. They hope or work for changes in social systems to bring about a fairer, more just society.

A third group see all events as just because they see them as the outworking of the Law of Attraction- a metaphysical law that is always in operation.

This Law was taught by Jesus and is being taught by many "new age" gurus though their is disagreement over exactly how it operates.

The law of attraction concept is based on the idea that what we give out, in terms of thought and action returns to us in terms of our experience. This concept or belief sees the outside world as a mirror to our inside world of thoughts and feelings.

The Law of Attraction teaches that justice is automatic and built in to our realities framework. There is no need to wait for a future life to receive justice or to wait for society to change its lum…

How about it?

The Bungle Bungles...

Because one Bungle isn't enough!

When you start talking about THE ALLNESS...

You start to lose people!

Is America afraid of Israel?

Are the intelligence agencies purely Illuminati?

Or are they something else?Whom do they serve and why do we need them?And why does USA have so many enemies?

What if life actually mattered?

A declaration of independence

I don’t accept that anyone has any power over me whatsoever, unless I freely give it. Therefore, I don’t believe in “mandatory” anything.

The idea that government knows best is not one I share.

Government is politics, just as big-businesses is politics, religion is politics, science is politics and health care is politics.  And politics is often built on lies because it is about power, not truth.

Forgive me for not believing the hype these folks are selling, but I ain't buying it!!

Having said that, these people can be worked with certainly, when it suits one to do so.

The point is: realise you have options and the product they are selling may be either useless, worse that useless, over-hyped, or quite useful. Use your intelligence and be careful.  Don't overdo anything. Small Steps.

Don't believe the hype

When people say "don't believe the hype" they are not saying don't believe the hype about some things but believe the hype about others. They mean don't believe the hype about anything!

Studies, trust and data collection

I don't fully trust any study I haven't performed myself. To be fully confident you have to be involved in both the data collection phase and the interpretation phase. For one's interpretation to be meaningful we must have full faith in the data which is difficult if we didn't collect it ourselves. 
While the data collection phase can be fraught with difficulty there is particularly great danger in the interpretation phase which generally involves statistical analysis. 
This phase is open to great manipulation and requires deep statistical knowledge and the integrity to apply best technique no matter the result. For the possibility of manipulating or massaging the results to suit one's vested interest is always a possibility.

Knowledge required to speak intelligently about vaccine effectiveness

If people wish to argue about vaccinations they need to understand the difference between the science behind vaccines (how they impact on the immune system and the body in general) and statistical techniques used to analyze health population data to determine the safety and effectiveness of vaccine use amongst the population.
My own background is in the kind of multi-variate regression analysis that is used to determine such safety and effectiveness, and so I feel as qualified to speak on such matters as anyone else with a deep understanding of statistics, specifically regression analysis.
I don't think many scientists or doctors fit into this category, as their statistical background tends to be very weak and superficial, from those I have spoken to.

In statistics, in particular, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. In regression analysis, where changes in one variable are connected to changes in other variables, the choice of variables to include in one's explanatory eq…

The arrogance of ignorance

If people want to draw conclusions about a matter without doing any research that's fine, but for these same folks to slander those who have bothered to look into the matter seems a bit rich to me.
This is a common theme. People brainwashed by others they trust slamming those who don't share their view. As if they have any original knowledge to begin with. Just hand me downs from someone else's hand me downs, with barely a true fact between them.
If you go far enough up the chain to find where the original knowledge came from you tend to find it's largely nonsense spread by an unreliable source with a dog in the fight. This nonsense is then passed on by bought-out "experts" or journalists who then share it with the public, many of whom think they are so clever for believing the b.s. they are fed.

The advantages and disadvantages of legal drugs

The advantage of legal drugs
-Dependable make-up and dosage
-Legal if used under doctor supervisionThe disadvantage of legal drugs
-Requires convincing a doctor you need the drug
-Choice is limited to drugs that treat medical conditions, not necessarily ones that are interesting to try.

Three types of vaccine skeptic

(1) Questions the validity of the science behind vaccination. Does not accept that vaccines are the best way to grant immunity to healthy individuals.

(2) Believes the compounds used in vaccines are unsafe.

(3) Belongs to both categories above.

The gentleman below belongs to category (3).

Note: I do not necessarily support this man's view but I find his style compelling.

Must we take a position on everything?

Some people want you to take a position on everything: the moon landings, vaccines, GMO’s, global warming, socialism v free markets, etc.


A person can’t research everything to within an inch of their life. Yes, we can rely on experts in the media, but are they really experts or have they sold their soul for money and prestige? 

Instead of buying into everything, we focus our attention on those topics we deem important and we draw our own conclusions while leaving other, less important areas as an open finding.

For example, a person with no children who lives in a country with a high standard of living has little need to research deeply into vaccines.  There is just no need for such medical interventions in such a circumstance and therefore no need to draw conclusions about their efficiency or safety.  The situation is different for a new parent or someone considering visiting an undeveloped tropical country. For them they will need to become informed as they will have a decision…

The establishment and bullying

I don’t care what the establishment thinks but if they attempt to bully others into succumbing to their desires I will call them out for it. Bullying is only required to control people when what one is offering is of low quality.

How to win every argument

The trick to winning every argument is to take a position that is not only easy to defend, but that is impossible to argue against coherently with any credibility.  Such examples include the sanctity of the individual and the primacy of individual freedom. Rather than saying "the person should be free to do whatever they want, any time" we say "the person should be free to do what they want, unless it is not directly harming another".  Nobody can argue against that logic with any cohency or credibility. That is the drug war debunked, among many other things.

Wars against freedom

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Authority) destroying a cannabis plantation.
Many of the "wars" that are being fought- against drug users, against anti-vaxxers, against freedom fighters around the world, etc., is due to an inability amongst many to respect the right of others to choose for themselves.

What is a fanatic?

To me a fanatic is someone who is willing to override the freewill of others to achieve some political or social aim. Always this aim is seen as noble and the fanatic believes the ends justifies the means. The alternative to this is to believe the means must be worthy of the ends and that individual liberty is paramount!

Confusing consensus with truth

Many people equate consensus with truth, but to me the two are separate things. “Consensus” is often manufactured by those who have power to subjugate those who do not.

[The Merovingian: "Choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without."]*
Particularly when a certain “consensus” over an issue suits the interests of the power elite it is promoted ad nauseum through their mouthpieces- the mass media, the politicians and the institutions they control.

This is enough for most people to jump on board with the manufactured view.  Still, some questioners, or true skeptics (there are few of these), remain, which gives us all hope.

*Source: The Matrix Reloaded

Submit to authority. They know what's best for you!

True authorities must be independent

If someone's livelihood depends on them expressing a certain view about a contentious subject their opinion can be safely disregarded. Only truly independent investigators whose livelihoods are not at stake are free to express the truths they have discovered.

Arguing against establishment lies

If you are going to argue against establishment lies you had better be twice as informed and intelligent as the purveyors of the lies. After all, they've got hordes of sheep behind them ready to baa in sych, many of whom have public platforms prepared for them to sprout the establishment line.

Lefties, science and conformity

So many people are brainwashed by what they think is "science". Probably more on the left than the right, I would say. Lefties don't seem to trust corporations, yet they trust the government (which is mostly run for the benefit of corporations) and anything published by the (military-medical industrial complex) establishment under the phoney banner of "science".

Science, religion and the desire to conform

Conformist people used to follow establishment religion blindly. Now, it's establishment science.

Powerful monied interests effectively own both religion and science. That doesn't mean everything both say is wrong, but it does mean they are both manipulated to suit vested interests.

People are willing to see this with religion but less so with science.

Questioning mainstream scientific belief is still taboo for many. This holds the human race back because it discourages free and critical thinking among the population.

See also: Taboo subjects point to the greatest deceptions

Science, money and brainwashing

A lot of human activities begin with good intentions but then get distorted by politics and money.  We can see this with religion but most people seem blind to how this is also the case with science.  As a result appeals to science can still pull the wool over most people's eyes.
They haven't woken up yet to the fact that most, if not all, important institutions have been bought out by monied interests and that the "scientific education" they are so proud of is, to a large extent, just a form of brainwashing and groupthink.

Who hacked the DNC and why? MATTHEW WARD

(Click on text below to expand.)

Source: Messages from Matthew

Qui-Gon Jinn: "Be mindful of the living force"

Obi-Wan Kenobi:  I have a bad feeling about this.
Qui-Gon Jinn:  I don't sense anything.
Obi-Wan Kenobi:  It's not about the mission, Master.  It's something... elsewhere. Elusive.
Qui-Gon Jinn:  Don't center on your anxieties, Obi-Wan. Keep your concentration here and now, where it belongs.
Obi-Wan Kenobi:  But Master Yoda says I should be mindful of the future.
Qui-Gon Jinn:  But not at the expense of the moment. Be mindful of the living Force, my young Padawan.

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace