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Sensing the present...

We can trust our senses
which deliver a pure picture
(only limited by physical traits
     or mental blocks)
 but we cannot trust our rational mind,
our attempt to make sense out of things.

Interpretation is where true subjectivity lies,
  not in the sensing itself,
 which is truly impersonal!

Our senses...

We can trust our senses...

our windows on the world...

  but we cannot trust our rational mind, 

 our attempt to make sense out of things!


Can we believe what we see or hear?

New York

A lot of buildings.

The new game in town.

Salamander, the greatest guy...

who never lived!

Life is generally a process... of going too hard...

and then pulling back!

I like to remind people...

I could be wrong...

I could channeling demons!

Satan could be involved.

If you can manage intelligible conversion...

you can usually
make it through life!

I washed them...

for the sake of transparency!

Is this Hillary Clinton?

Mind control techniques

Plastic bag storage system

Where does the body double begin...

and the clone end?

Life gets bad when too many...

of these...
are removed!

The importance of being "discredited in the media"

If you’ve not been
   "discredited in the media"...

  Either you’re not very important
      to the powers that be,

      Or you’ve just
     not been
        telling the truth!

Human dolls

Human dolls are becoming
        increasingly LIFELIKE!

However even with all that knowledge...
    the makers still struggle
   to put the SPARK OF LIFE...           into the eyes!

Are our leaders being cloned?

Arational v irrational

There needs to be
another word
for the non-rational,
rather than "irrational".

For "Irrational" suggests
a kind of knowing
in opposition
to the rational.

Whereas the word
suggests an experience
(or type of knowledge)

  of rationality.

A separate stream

A complete mea culpa, that is my...

main tactic!

When the game is over...

you go home.

What creates heaven and hell?

According to most trustworthy accounts hell exists, but not for the punishment of its inhabitants, but rather it is seen to be a joint creation of the minds of those who reside there.  It is said to reflect how its inhabitants feel about themselves and others and life in general.  Similarly, "heaven" is said to reflect the feelings and thoughts of those who reside there.
The afterlife is said to be highly malleable to thought and reflects our thoughts back to ourselves.  Hence as you sow in thought you shall reap in experience.  When kinder, more beautiful thoughts are entertained our experience of the afterlife world is made brighter and more pleasurable. This also occurs here on earth but is more pronounced in the afterlife.