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The Red Shields and the US Presidential election (ADAMU)

Failed efforts to disarm America (ADAMU)

The Rothchild faction, ISIS & Syria (by ADAMU)

Efficient work lifestyle

If you are efficient in your efforts
you can get work down to (as little as)
2 hours a day!

And still live large!

911 was a PR stunt

911 was a PR stunt-
like Nagasaki and Hiroshima before it...
And the purpose of each of them? To engender fear in the population.

What fear?
Fear of personal destruction.
Fear of hidden, unseen forces ...
That could strike at any moment!
And to protect against these
Overwhelmingly powerful negative forces
A savior would be needed.
And who is this savior? An overwhelmingly powerful military
And Intelligence gathering operation
The likes of which
The world has never seen! All to watch over us
And keep us safe!
And who gains from this game? Those who offer the solutions
To the problems of fear-
I.e. the WAR, defense, security industries.
And those who gain
From all the diverse effects
That flow ON
with a frightened population!

Are we being poisoned by a ruling elite?

Some people are going around saying  we are being intentionally poisoned   by a shadowy power elite through our food, water and air. 
The purpose? To weaken, and even kill us, and make us more easily managed
by these ruling powers.
Asking "why would anyone do this to us?" their answer may be something like: "An energetic and unruly populous
Make our management jobs more difficult... And makes our position as "Lords of Men"... More precarious!"

Politics no more!

Silent rest after exertion

Living beings are experiential units and organising units.
You have to go beyond what someone says about something -
To experiencing the thing directly yourself.
I have talked to some editors lately.
Sometimes "immorality" is the order of the day.
I hope people can understand.

Gaddafi, the Illuminati and the gold standard (ADAMU)

US Presidents and the Illuminati (ADAMU)

Embracing difficulties in life

People often think difficulties either shouldn't happen to us or should be somehow avoided.Instead, I would say they are unavoidable and should be embraced.
After all, they are where growth and maturity come from!A problem free life would leave us like an infant - a babe in the woods - vulnerable to any slight change in conditions. I don't think we came to this earth to have an easy ride, so we should embrace it when the going gets tough, for, after all, that's when the tough get going!

Destruction of the Cathars by the Illuminati

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See also:Philosophies promoted by the power elite

The internet: a thorn in the side of the power elite

Is the supernatural natural?

I don't believe in the supernatural, only the natural, I just happen to have a broader conception of what natural happens to encompass, than some people!

Mistaking hype for truth

Anything that is making someone rich or powerful has been hyped in the marketplace (of goods and ideas) - of that you can be sure!
Problems arise when we mistake marketing for truth and most of what we hear about most things is just that- marketing, hype, spin- including what we see on the TV news and read in the daily newspapers.
The truth is marginalized when it doesn't suit powerful vested interests and that includes most areas of human endeavor and knowledge.
And when someone finally is presented with some unvarnished truth they usually reject it out of hand because it doesn't match the fantasy they've been sold for so long!

Truth is often unpopular

The truth is often incredibly unpopular. Most people prefer their comfortable fantasies instead. They think there is not only safety in numbers, but also truth.

Many people can't handle the idea that they have been lied to and misled for so long. It's not possible, they think.  The authorities who told them the lie seemed so believable.  So they stick to the old, comfortable lie, particularly when many others share a belief in it and they hide themselves from any revelation that may conflict with it!

Philosophies promoted by the power elite

Which philosophies, through its control of media and social institutions, does the shadow government promote?
(1)Any philosophy that dis-empowers the individual and makes them feel small and worthless. Materialism and the popular religions fall into this category.

Since the fall of religion and the rise of science this has increasingly been materialism, which claims the universe and our lives within it are a meaningless chance occurrence and that we have little ability to affect the world we live in, hardly an empowering philosophy.

(2)Philosophies that are fundamentally wrong.  
After all, true knowledge of the deeper and more mysterious workings of the universe bestow power upon the individual that possesses it.  Such knowledge is jealously guarded by the power elite because of the power advantage this knowledge confers on its owner.
Because the members of the power elite seek control over others they do not wish for true knowledge to be commonplace.  So such true knowledge will not b…

Comment on "messiahs" and AJ Miller

Comments on a YouTube video about AJ Miller, an Australian spiritual teacher, who claims to be Jesus.

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Evil masquerading as good

Evil often masquerades as good and it is up to us to see beyond the facade that people present- to determine what their true motives are and whether they are driven by a true unselfish desire to help others, or, instead, to fulfill their own selfish desires at other's expense!

Are they paid shills?

When people argue in favor of a government or corporate approved talking point on the internet you have to wonder: are they being paid to do it?
In other words: are they a paid shill who has "sold their soul to the devil" for $50 an hour?

The appropriate response to 9/11 truth debunkers

All 9/11 truth "debunkers" are trolls, in my view, and the appropriate response is to ignore them.
Not all believers in the "official" 9/11 story are trolls, of course, but those who fight the 9/11 truth movement certainly are.
If debunkers were open to truth they wouldn't be fighting the 9/11 truth movement, they'd be a part of it. The fact they are actively fighting it means they are hostile to truth and attempting to confuse and derail the movement, itself.
This goes for fake members of the truth community, too, shills who are paid to harm the movement from within, in more subtle ways than the "debunker".
The best response to such activity is generally to ignore it, or if it takes place on your webpage, delete it, when the intent of the poster to harm genuine truth seeking discussion is clear.
Anti-9/11 truth speech is hate speech, in my opinion, and has no place on a civilized website. It is trolling, pure and simple, and shouldn't be eng…

People who still believe the 9/11 cover story

People who still believe the "official account" (or government invented cover story) of what happened on September 11, 2001, are in my opinion, either:
(1) Uninformed, (either willfully or through a lack of interest), or,
(2) Psychologically ill-equipped to deal with the magnitude of the truth and it's effect on their belief system and therefore unable to let the truth in.
"The second plane has hit its target."

Phoney dichotomies

I don't care about phoney dichotomies like left and right, Republican and Democrat, I just care about the truth!

Sainthood and the Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church is very good at self-promotion. Their regular announcing of "saints" is part of their efforts to inject themselves into the consciousness of the ordinary man and woman and make themselves seem important as "God's judges" on earth. It also shows the immense hubris and lack of self-awareness that organization possesses!
The idea that such a greedy and controlling political enterprise as the Roman Catholic Church is in a position to recognize "saints", that are supposedly close to God, beggars belief, and is quite laughable when looked at objectively!
“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18