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Hell and punishment for sins

I don't believe that God
ever gives up on us
or ever punishes us
for our foolishness.

So I don't believe in the view
of a permanent, punishing hell.

That is not the expression
 of a wise and loving God   that I could love.
I believe the truth
 is far more merciful than that!

I believe that transgressors, including ourselves, are treated with the utmost kindness,
in helping to eradicate our failings

By us experiencing pain
only when we truly need to feel it-
To alert us to our wrongdoing-

A destructive act
for our own souls...
And sometimes
 that of another!

When the destructive nature
 of such actions
is experienced and felt,
I believe we can learn
 and use that as a guide
 moving forward -

And we have gained
 in understanding!

Wesley's words on travel

There's a world of people
Jesus needs to save.
Which is why I travel.

To save me and them, both!

Cynicism and skepticism

Cynicism is not skepticism-
But the two often get confused.Cynicism is a modern disease
That sees everything through the twisted lens
Of disbelief-Whereas skepticism is a healthy response
to human ignorance
masquerading as knowledge.

Sustainability is not the only issue

Sustainability is not really an environmental term.
It's more an economic or financial term.

"Sustainable use" means use that can seemingly go on forever.

It doesn't say anything about the various environmental qualities the area has or will continue to have as a result of harvest methods and rates.

This is why we must consider other things than "sustainability" if are interested in protecting environmental values.

Sharka Todd

Barry Long's approach to decision making...

Go for the biggest "yes"!

A true scaredy cat!

What we are engaged in

Ipswich tweed coat bananas

Acapoligo savage one.

Deepak Chopra

New age leader, Deepak Chopra, going stronger and looking better everyday!

The winter of my discontent - 1994

When I was a 9-5 drone
I used to listen to this album
 as I waited for the train
 on cold Melbourne mornings.

It seemed to fit the mood!

Must be happy

Things are good for people who are happy
But terrible for those who are not!