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Humility and truth (part 2)

(Continues on from Everybody thinks they have THE TRUTH)

There’s nothing wrong with being confident in your version of truth, but when it results in attacking and slamming others who don’t agree with you, telling them they are idiots or that they are going to hell, then problems arise!

There really is no humility at all in this approach, and without humility, I would say we haven’t experienced the barest inkling of truth!  For those that have, I believe, are the most humble of all!

Take it from Jesus:

Matthew 18  (New International Version)

The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven

At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”

He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them.
And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Don't weaken governments, de-corrupt them!

(Written in response to a comment suggesting the US government needs to shrink because it is causing corruption in America and the large divide between rich and poor)

The government needs to be more powerful than any one (or group of) corporations, colluding with each other. Of course, Congress is currently owned by these corporations, but the answer is to rid the government of this corrupting influence, not to weaken the government and hand the power over solely to the multi-nationals.

Governments need to be overseen by powerful, independent, anti-corruption organisations and the Supreme Court needs the same process to occur to it, so that corrupt justices siding with corporate benefactors are done away with.

The answer doesn't lie in weakening the government, but in de-corrupting it!  After all, a well functioning government is needed to promote the interests of the people, often against greedy, self-serving corporations!

God is no respecter of persons!

"God is no respecter of persons", found in Acts 10:34,
I interpret to mean we are subject to impersonal laws.

That is, the laws that have been set up for humans to operate within,
 apply to all people at all times, equally, not just to certain people
  at certain times, in an unequal manner,
 like human laws do.

Also, ignorance of these laws will not excuse us
 from feeling their effects.  Just as the law of gravity
  applies to all of us equally, so do all the other natural
 laws that impact on us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We are each equal before God, or truth.
None of us are special in the sense that
  we can avoid the pain that comes from working against a law,
 or the pleasure that comes from cooperating with a law.

Our condition in love is our condition in love,
 reflected in our spiritual brightness,
  no matter what we tell ourselves about our value
 in comparison with others.

If our condition in love
 is poor we will appear poorly and dimly lit
 in o…

Everybody thinks they have THE TRUTH

Pretty much everyone thinks they alone (and anyone who agrees with them) have THE TRUTH- but considering the wide variety of conflicting opinions in this world it’s pretty clear everyone’s view can’t be the true view.

This fact alone should give us pause and introduce some humility into us.

We may be wrong about a great many things, no matter who agrees with us, or what “holy” book or "great teacher" we base our opinions on.

Among “true believers” there is often no humility at all.  They believe they alone have the truth because it says so "here" in plain english.  Well, no words or book can contain THE TRUTH in it's entirety (whatever that may be), that should seem obvious, and as all our experience is partial, to claim a monopoly on truth indicates a complete lack of self-awareness and perspective on things!

The same goes for non-religious believers as well (see below):

In a nutshell: there's nothing wrong with people disagreeing with each other, but w…

Is God in control of everything?

Some people think God is in control of everything, but ask yourself: what sort of being would create a universe where they were in total control and where no surprises were possible?  Only a very dull being, indeed, I would suggest!  I don't think that's likely given the grandeur of this universe and the miraculous, creative and surprising nature of everything!

How to confuse and mislead people

The best way to confuse and mislead people is to mix truth and fantasy in such a way that they don't know which is which. This is done particularly well by religions and politicians, for whom the population knowing the truth would ruin the power they have over them.  Think of the "official story" of 911.  Think of the Bible.  Both a mixture of fact and fantasy that leads the listener to believe a whole host of lies, but mixed with enough truth to make it believable to many of them!

For natural beings shelter is gained mostly...

from plants!

Photo by Sharka Todd

Guns v bow and arrows

I don’t like guns because they’re too loud and violent.
  I prefer the bow and arrow for target practice.
It’s a far more refined and pleasurable process
 and it doesn't scare the daylights out of our neighbors!

Honor children by honoring their free will

Alzheimer’s, anxiety and pets

Alzheimer’s disease leads to a state where a person knows neither where they are, why they are there or what they are supposed to do.  This leads to anxiety.  The best way to deal with this is to exude calm and assure the sufferer that all is well and there is nothing to be afraid of.  Animals can help this process by encouraging calm in the sufferer, probably more effectively than any person because they don't have to worry about how to interact with or speak to such a creature!

Heaven, hell, "divine justice"

We create our own heaven and hell
  in this world and the next.
This is "divine justice"-
  the honoring of free will!
The ability to create our own environment
  and to find ourselves in the place
 that most suits our state of consciousness,
  and, indeed, our state of love!

A view of "The Church" from the spirit world

by Robert Hugh Benson (1871-1914) through Anthony Borgia

The Church says that 'the dead' cannot come back, or would not come back if they could. They say, 'It is only devils that come back, who impersonate our own kindred, deceive us, and thus try to ruin us spiritually, so that we jeopardize our immortal souls.'

What arrant nonsense! The Church professes to have the spiritual care of man in its hands - and knows next to nothing about the matter at all.

The Church has become stupefied by its own fantastic doctrines and beliefs. It has become inflated by its own self-importance. It has become hypnotized by its own apparent security.

It has become absorbed in the details of dogma and doctrine and the outward displays of showy ritual. It has poured money into bricks and mortar because it really believes that the House of God warrants a lavish expenditure in art and architecture.

This may be justified only when all else is fully provided for - the poor people, for instance…

The rational belief in God(s)

If we accept that the universe we live in has been designed and created rather than somehow arrived at through happenstance then we must believe in a God or Gods.  After all, only living beings are able to be creative and so it is not possible the universe was created by a machine.  Machines are uncreative and are the invention of living beings, designed to perform a function.  And so it stands to reason that the ultimate responsibility for what exists lies with a living being or beings and we call these beings Gods.

As to the nature of these Gods, we can only go by the nature of the universe and ourselves to judge this.  In other words, the deep study of life and oneself should reveal to us (in part) the nature of the being or beings that created us and the world we live in.

The one "noble" truth

The greater you love, the brighter your condition, in this world and the next.
And brighter is equated with healthier, "whole-ier", and happier!
The only law that matters is the law of love!

For more info, I recommend the works of AJ Miller (see video below):

The shapes & feelings of things

If we treat everything we encounter  as purely a shape,    possessing three dimensions,     And colour, texture etc.,    rather than also a feeling  our whole being experiences,  we may be missing the heart of it!

Atheists and pre- and post- life

Atheists put a full stop before your birth and after your death.  Nothing is there, they say. As a result, stories told of before birth experiences or after death experiences are off-limits or ignored, by such as they.  But for many others they are a source of great interest and wisdom!

The battle on earth

Life of earth is an outplaying of the reptilian brain vs the empathic brain.
One seeks dominance over things and is driven by fear, the other seeks harmony with things and is drive by love.

Is science a neutral process?

The direction of scientific research is controlled by funding as such research is often very expensive to conduct.  Only those things that fit the current social bias of the management class will be considered for research, which is why many areas of potentially fertile discovery remain dormant.  For this reason, among others, science remains far from a neutral process!

Test the spirits

Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

 1 John 4:1

Is materialism the only educated view of life?

Many people think "materialism" is the only sane, educated philosophy of life to hold and that those that have other views are superstitions, gullible and possibly a bit simple.  I disagree with this and believe those who think this way have just been brainwashed by the narrow materialistic view of life that is taught and promoted in the various institutions of the west.

I actually think the explanatory power of pure materialism is very poor and once you have had an experience that falls outside it's ability to explain you need to look for a broader, more inclusive view that does not run counter to your experience of life.

I don't have a gun,

because if I did... I might use it!

CIA, Mossad, ISIS, Illuminati: MATTHEW WARD

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. As some in the Illuminati ranks are being arrested or ousted from influential positions and others are abandoning ship, the hardliners are digging in their heels where they still have some leverage. Most noticeable is what their international drug trade funds—CIA and Mossad “black ops” activities, which include downing the Russian plane, and ISIS, the source of the recent massacre in Paris.

Because the public at large isn’t aware that the Illuminati even exist, there is no understanding that they act independently of their countries’ governments in planning and carrying out acts of violence. Thus finger-pointing is at the United States, home of the CIA, or Israel, which is thought of as the Zionist homeland. The truth is, a rogue faction of the CIA follows Illuminati orders; and the Zionist movement is the Illuminati’s militant and spy operation that never has served the best interests of Israelis or Jewish people…

9/11 truth: why are people in denial? MATTHEW WARD

Now I am speaking only as Matthew. What I shall say is known to all souls at this station, but for two reasons it’s appropriate that I speak for myself. The first is because I was a guest-in-spirit, you could say, at a recent conversation among my sister, mother and two visiting friends. They think most people in the United States will be in shock when the truth comes out that officials at the highest level of their government were involved in the national tragedy that occurred September 11, 2001.

Since shortly after that event, photographs; scientific analysis of tower debris; reports from engineers, architects and individuals in the aviation industry; and the numerous deviations from standard procedures have been available on the Internet, clearly showing that the official story is false. Still, most people who would see that evidence would choose not to believe it. Why? From infancy you are told that whatever “authorities” say is correct and in your best interests. At first it is p…

Science and experience

Science is a much slower process than direct experience, but many people trust it more.  However, life is a full-bodied experience, not just an intellectual one.  Which means, that only in experiencing something ourselves are we getting all we can out of that thing, not by thinking or theorising about it!  Obviously, science has it's place but it should never be seen as a substitute for experience, which is surely what we are all here to do!

Toxic world

Living on this planet

Many people believe we can’t live in this planet, in comfort, without brutalising it.

The native people disagree!

Underneath anger

Anger is a very shallow emotion and stems from a feeling of powerlessness and sorrow.  To deal with the anger we need to go underneath it into our deeper feeling and address that.

Communication with the spirit world (WT Stead)

Pyramid of life

AIR- Sex Born Poison (MUSIC)

If a horse or donkey performs a task for you...

If a horse or donkey performs a task for you, you should thanks them afterwards and give them food and water! To do otherwise is displeasing to the Lord!

If we are purely physical beings...

If we are purely physical beings
  and death is the end of consciousness
 then there’ll be no-one there to know it!

My position on the candidates

Rubio- No, too aggressive and not mature enough, in my view
Cruz- No, too extreme, but may not be as bad as he seems
Sanders- Yes, doesn't seem war hungry or extreme in his social views
Rand Paul- Perhaps, but economic views seem too extreme for many
Trump- Probably no, too unpredictable, but would be interesting and may work against Illuminati interests, which would be good
Clinton- Smart, but perhaps too in bed with the power elite?
Others- Finished.

Be nice to the Illuminati

The Illuminati could strip you naked and beat you in the street, if they wanted to.  So you'd better be nice to them!

Illuminati magazine

God may be dead, but science can really help you get used to the idea that you are a powerless slave and that when you die, it's all over baby! Praise be to the intellect, it can rationalize anything away!

Rand Paul- in a nutshell

Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul- 
small government fiscal conservative, libertarian leaning, socially progressive, conservative foreign policy.

Likelihood of starting WW3- Low.

People who want influence now quote science...

where they once would have quoted religion!

Suppressed emotions, disease and science

Many thinkers have come to the conclusion that much disease in humans is caused by suppressed emotions impacting on the physical body and creating disease.  The question then arises: can this be tested scientifically?  The obvious answer is no, because there is no way to determine if someone is suppressing emotions or not.  A survey completed by the patient would not answer this question because most people are unaware that they ARE suppressing emotion because it is something they do unconsciously.  Therefore, even of it is true that suppressed emotions create disease it is unlikely that science will be able to accurately study this any time soon.

For more information on this topic, AJ Miller, starring in the video below, is a great source of knowledge.

Problems with science, as practiced

There are a number of problems with science, as practiced and understood. One is that the direction it takes is often determined by people who don’t necessarily have the general population’s best interest at heart.

Two is that many ignorant people dismiss the reality of anything science is ill-equipped to study, even if these things are important to a balanced understanding of life.

And three is that much science is performed by people who have little empathy for life and are therefore willing to harm defenseless animals in pursuit of often trivial knowledge.  That’s just for a start…  Ultimately the quality of science, as practiced, is determined by the quality of the people who perform it, fund it and influence the direction it takes and the messages it sends out.

Written in response to this video.

Non-interference by God(s)

God or Gods may have set up the game (of Life) but I don't think they interfere with its operation. That's up to us!