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"Friends of a Dying Lapoinya" by Michael Buky

Dear Friends of a Dying Lapoinya

Last Wednesday, I entered the 'Business Area' and stopped work for barely 30 minutes before the Sergeant pictured below asked me to 'move on' or risk fine and arrest.

Calling the destruction depressing inadequately expresses the deep sadness I felt as hundred year old trees soaring into the canopy were brought crashing down with a shock that was felt a kilometre away. Slow-growing, hence small but beautiful species such as myrtle that are a carpenter's dream are not considered commercial so will be wood-chipped for Chinese paper mills. I even saw a Tasmanian Devil in the path of the bulldozers skittle out of the forest.

This was a living and breathing forest that, after fire bombing with napalm dropped by helicopters will be converted into a WWI wasteland - and for what? To keep a forest bureaucracy and forest contractors in taxpayer-subsidised employment. How in the 21st century can a developed country such as Australia, which is t…

The government helps and harasses...

in about equal measure!

We're not allowed to give kids crack-

so we give them sugar, instead!

What to do with the power elite?

The idea is not to destroy the power elite but to tame them so that they act for the common good rather than against it!

How this is achieved remains to be seen and will required the cooperation of a significant group of people to achieve.  In fact, such actions are already said to be taking pace behind the scenes.

Choose this day whom you will serve

"No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money."  Matthew 6:24

People with integrity don't destroy natural areas

For a person with integrity and self-respect no amount of money is enough to make them consider taking an action that will intentionally harm another being or destroy a natural area.  Such tasks can only be undertaken by the insensitive and morally lost.  Sadly, there are plenty of these people around to perform such tasks on behalf of their greedy, blind masters!  But the important point is to not be one of them!

Give the planet to the reptiles?

Sometimes I think the planet should just be handed over to the reptiles so they can destroy it, as seems to be their want. After all, they are in control of most governments and corporations and fighting them seems so difficult and thankless a task!

How many layers between us and God?

People say there is only one God...
but what if we are a manifestation of a manifestation
  of a manifestation of a manifestation?

In other words, there may be many creative beings
  in between us and the original creative being we call God, or Prime Creator!

When you achieve victory...

play this song!

Rand Paul (PIC)

Schools of thought

All schools of thought are forms of brainwashing.

Don't vote based on poll numbers

Comment on the US presidential election

Don't worry about the polls. Who answers their cell phone when it's an unknown number anyway? Intelligent people's votes will be underestimated. Continually publishing poll numbers is just a form of brainwashing and shouldn't influence your vote for the candidate that best reflects your values.

Trust in life = ascension

You can’t fully ascend in consciousness until you let go of all resistances.
All outcomes must be OK by you.  This is the equivalent of having faith or trust in life.
This relaxation allows the good energies to be fully realized and utilized by the body.

Love without placing demands!

Anyone or anything we love will usually love us right back
 as long as we don’t place any demands on them!

No need to defend your views

You don’t need to defend your views to anyone.
You just need to discover what is true for you and then live it!
Time spent defending views is time wasted
 that could be spent discovering truth or having fun!

Forest destroyers are only destroying themselves

Anyone who is involved in destroying trees, en masse, is also consigning their soul to destruction.  Not that is seems to matter to these people, but I believe one day it will!  After all: "God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap."

Forests were created to assist mankind and all other living things and their fair use is moral.  But fair use does not mean destroying large areas so that a small number of people can gain materially.  This is mocking God, the creator of the natural beauty that surrounds us, and will not go unanswered!

Elites need to be tamed, not destroyed!

Elites need to be tamed, not destroyed, so that we are each working for, and not against, the good of all!

We don't want a barbaric situation like the French revolution where one lot of elites are butchered so that another may take their place.  Instead, elites should be encouraged to be far more socially responsible in their actions!

Hemp, not trees, for fiber

Using trees for fiber is very backward.  We’ve got hemp for that!
Hemp is far more productive and you don't need to decimate a beautiful forest to harvest your product.  Additionally, fiber from hemp is far superior to that taken from trees.  It's just a matter of setting up an industry to take advantage of this fact!

Children's rights & freedom

Just as we have had feminist, gay rights, and animal rights movements, it is likely we will eventually have a children's rights movement. Who will lead it, I cannot say.

I attempt to give as much freedom as I can to those around me- I find this makes my life much easier and more enjoyable than attempting to control them. This includes any pets in my life and any children. I am not a parent but have looked after young children on occasion. I prefer to leave decisions on what they do up to them, where possible. No doubt small children need guidance at times, but when they mature and are ready to make their own choices I like them to decide.

Christians and the drug war

Christians are divided into those who follow the judgmental and punishing Old Testament God as described in Leviticus and those who believe in the God of love as described in the New Testament.

It depends whether love or hate is in our hearts as to which we will wish to follow.

Those who hate desire to punish others for the slightest transgressions, whereas those who love only seek to help and uplift others.

Truly, there are Christians of the light and those of the darkness. The drug war is a creation of darkness. It feeds the criminal underground and fills prisons with non-violent offenders.  When light takes over the land the drug war (like all wars) will fade away like a bad dream.

De-vegetation leads to droughts and wild fires

Pic: Sharka Todd
Devegetation dries out the land which leaves remaining vegetation more susceptible to droughts and wild fires. This is is a big problem in Australia which is highly susceptible to both droughts and wild fires.  The solution is to encourage as much re-vegetation as possible, especially by increasing the areas given over to forests and bush land.  Land management practices as described by Peter Andrews can also help this process by keeping water in local environments.

Comment on vaccines and the public good

To misquote Obi-Wan Kenobi: "people must do what they think is right". And as long as governments (and others) don’t force people’s behavior then they will.
However, because both health and disease are spreading conditions some will want the state to forcibly intervene to change people’s behavior to promote health among the population. This is the dilemma we face. Once again it’s a classic case of individual freedom versus perceived public good brought about by government intervention and sometimes, the use of force.

But until force is used, may I suggest we respect each other’s decisions about vaccination, whether we agree or not, for, after all, even if we think others are poorly informed they are only doing what they believe is right. And we can ask for no more.

Originally posted as a comment here.

Response to a comment on vaccines being "natural"

Disingenuous. "Of course, vaccines are natural—they're derived from the naturally-occurring pathogen itself." Growing something in a lab on animal tissue and then injecting it into the bloodstream of an otherwise healthy person could hardly be called "natural".

Being exposed to all sorts of unaltered viruses and microbes in one's environment, which pass through the bodies defensive mechanisms BEFORE entering the bloodstream IS what the body has evolved to deal with and IS natural.

Still, people should have the choice to have the vaccines if they feel they need them. See them as a kind of insurance or booster to the bodies natural defenses- but that doesn't make them essential.

It's up to the individual to choose, just like the choice to live a healthy life, get regular outdoor exercise and eat well, is up to the individual to decide.

Originally posted here.

Why Rand Paul is pragmatic

Presidential candidate Rand Paul may be limiting himself to what he thinks is doable, for example focusing on abolishing mandatory sentencing laws rather than pushing for the legalization of drugs. Certain libertarian views would result in a candidate being eviscerated by the mainstream media and it is this, and alienating too much of the country, that he is no doubt aware of.

He would have seen first hand how his father's idealism hampered his own efforts to reach a wider audience and the potential to actually gain the Republican nomination.

Originally posted here.

Comment on Atheism

Atheism is the disbelief in any creator God, not just the one believed in by fundamentalist Christians. Clearly, there are an infinite number of possible beliefs on origins, with fundamentalist Christianity representing one of them. Atheism, itself, makes no statement about origins, except to say that (they believe) no living being created the universe, which suggests it was some kind of mindless, mechanical process. At least that is my understanding of atheism. It's agnostics that keep an open mind on the matter.

Originally posted here.

Comment re Lapoinya forest logging

People's level of care about a natural area is usually in proportion to how much time they have spent there. Those who have spent little or no time in an area shouldn't be involved in it's management. That's where our society gets it wrong. Having people in a distant city determine the fate of such an area is simply immoral. I have seen my own favourite forest destroyed by distant bureaucrats and I know how it feels. What is wrong is wrong, no matter how people like to spin these things.

Sharka Todd

Originally posted here.

Clearcutting is just wrong

It’s very poor form to cut down large swathes of forest.

Cutting down a tree here and there for need is one thing,
cutting vast areas of forests and burning the remains,
  is something else entirely!

Even planted pine forests can have...

PIC: Sharka Todd great charm!

Money supply and the Fed

A steady growth in the money supply of a nation is a rational thing to do as it keeps prices steady as the amount of goods and services traded rises over time.

However, paying interest on this increase in the money supply to a privately owned bank, such as the Federal Reserve bank in America, isn't!

Natural v Illuminati medicine

Primary difference: Illuminati medicine is created primarily to generate a super-normal profit for the manufacturers, which is only possible when the market for that product is uncompetitive and protected by government agencies (due to regulatory capture).

Such super-normal profits are not possible for natural, unpatentable medicines hence the focus on making and marketing unnatural petro-chemical medicines which are patentable.  Patented medicines are protected for 20 years from their invention from direct competition  by firms that copy them and thus able to earn super-normal profits for the manufacturers.  The resources needed to invent these medicines and conduct the scientific testing required to have them approved by the FDA is so great that this provides another barrier to entry to the field, protecting existing firms from competition and allow super-normal, or economic, profits to be made.

When these factors are combined with government collusion with the pharmaceutical indust…

Matthew Ward: the inner life of trees (QUOTE)

Forests are the best places to go in summer

Where does the energy in the universe come from?

If energy cannot be created or destroyed in this physical universe
 then where does the massive amount of energy contained in it
 come from?

Machines have no will and therefore no real power

Art by Akiane Kramarik
Some people are afraid that machines will one day rule the world. However, the reality is that those with strong wills always dominate those with weak wills (if they so desire), and machines have no will at all!

Machines only exist because mankind has willed them into being and they will cease to exist when man no longer wills them to exist anymore!  Indeed, machines are just extensions of the wills of the people that operate them and when no will to operate them remains they will be shut down for good!

What is right; what is legal

Many people confuse what is right with what is legal.
They are often two very different things.

Laws are primarily created by the powerful to protect their interests
 whereas what is right in any instant is only known through the feeling nature
 of an emotionally balanced being.

This is why humans are created with both an intellectual nature and a feeling nature
 so that we are able to make balanced decisions in alignment with what is in the best interests of the All.

This enables us to become enlightened co-creators with the God force,
 rather than the dangerous destroyers that humans have been for many millennia
by an over-reliance on unbalanced thinking without the balancing force of our awakened feeling nature.

Some people live as a brain only...

and some people live as a whole organism!

Please don't interrupt...

my perfect attainment!

That there were Gods...

That they were Gods
  of that there can be no question...
but where are they now?
  Harder to answer!

Trust in God = trust in Life

Photo by Sharka Todd
Trusting in God and trusting in Life
  are ultimately the same thing.

If God is the creator of the life process
 and this God is All Love and All Wisdom
then it flows that we should be able to trust
 in the life process "He" created.

Those who trust in the life process
 but do not believe in a creator of that life process (i.e. God)
will still have a good result.

But if we look deeper we need to ask:
 why should we trust in the life process
 if we don't believe it is the creation of a wise, loving being?

After all, if it is a meaningless creation of forces
 that "just appeared"...
  from "nowhere"...
 why should we trust it?

The ultimate power of will

Everything is programmed by will.

Will is the forward projecting force, which acts on lesser willed beings and objects without which there would be stasis. And by stasis I mean everything acting and moving according to previous programs  put in place by somebody's will!

Loving life is loving God

Loving life is loving God.
 After all, who made life?
    Random forces?
  I don't think so!

Who I vote for

I vote for the candidate with the most light in their souls
  and stability in their personality.

This translates to integrity and steadfastness
  in working for the good of the people
   which a servant of the people needs...
 when faced with pressures from ignoble sources!

I went looking for true knowledge

I went looking for true knowledge
  and all I found were assumptions...
    endless assumptions!

(Although the people
who held the assumptions
  couldn't see it
 and thought their assumptions
were truth!)

The 2 views on truth

1. Truth is a personal journey.
2. Truth is a shared experience.

Reach for the dead (MUSIC VIDEO)

You can't think your way into heaven

You can't think your way into heaven, you can only feel your way in.

The intellect is a wonderful tool and it can, when properly applied, help us to differentiate between the true and the false.

However, we can see from the number of people with brilliant minds who are depressed or even following a dark, destructive path that having a powerful intellect does not guarantee that we will re-connect with our true nature which spiritual realizers describe as unbounded, blissful consciousness  (described by Jesus as the kingdom of heaven).

The only way to move into this natural state is by feeling our way into it- thought can't take us there.

Therefore all the mental gymnastics that people go through, and yet still remain locked in a depressive and limited mind-state gets them nowhere.

Instead, they would be wise to let go of thought for a time and just feel.
This process will help them to move beyond emotional blocks held in the body (by experiencing these "frozen" emoti…


The question for me isn't "do I believe in God"
  but rather "what do I understand God to be?"

For I certainly experience life as a meaningful and loving process,
 having studied it closely and gained a deeper understanding of it.
This understanding of life as a meaningful and ultimately loving process
  suggests a loving, and wise creator (or creators) behind it.

This should give confidence in the life process
 that leads one to no longer stress about "the meaning of it all"
  as one has faith in what the process is teaching
 and how it is shaping one's consciousness.

Ignorant opinions on the spirit world

Most people I know of who deny the existence of a spirit world
  have never even looked into it,
   at least not with an open and inquiring mind,
    and so their pronouncements on the issue
  mean nothing to me!

I'm only interested in the opinion of open minded experts,
 and, particularly, those who have had direct experiences,
  and therefore have something meaningful and informed to say.
 And that isn't: "it's all in the brain"-
  which any ignoramus with no knowledge can say!

I've been studying the afterlife and related fields for over 20 years
 and so I have no use for the superficial opinions of those
  who have no knowledge of the field and yet are happy to dismiss it all
 as human deception and ignorance!

Science and human knowledge

To me, science is one branch of human knowledge out of many,
  but to many people it is the only branch!
In my view, this leads to an overly narrow perspective on life
 but many seem happy to live exclusively within this domain.

Indeed, many such souls are widely thought of as great thinkers
 and their every pronouncement,
  even on topics of which they are largely ignorant,
 treated with great reverence.

Personally, I save my reverence for those of great spiritual insight
 and understanding, which is, in my opinion, a far broader, deeper
  and truer perspective that those solely based on "science"!

When dementia strikes

It can be very embarrassing when dementia strikes.

Do we need to believe in God?

Many people take the extreme view that you either believe in a personified God as described by one of the popular religions or you have no belief in any spiritual reality at all.  I don't take this view.  To me the only real beliefs that matters are the belief in the intrinsic goodness and beneficial nature of Life and the Life process and of the Self, which we all are a part.

This belief in a loving creation supposes a belief in a loving, caring creator which I do accept, but perhaps doesn't necessarily need it?

Too many people get hung up on accepting or opposing the view of "God" that other people present to them.  Far better, I believe, is to spend time alone in nature, focused outside the self (i.e. the mind) for at least some of the time, if we wish to have an inkling of the "deeper" nature of things.

From this a belief in the beauty and harmony of all should flow with no problems, and this provides the grounding for true spiritual belief, rather t…

Conversation with a friend re spirituality and humanity

Is X too brainwashed by science?  That has killed spiritual perception in many people.  They retreat to the rational.  Otherwise, I think the (positive) spiritual nature of life would be obvious to any sensitive person, just as it is to the natural people of the earth.

No, he is attuned to some spiritual energies but finds it difficult to feel good about humanity at this point in time.

It's important to distinguish between man's ignorance and the true spiritual beauty of the earth and universe etc.  Can he not do this?

Yes he does distinguish that at least, but finds most modern societies a bit much to adapt to.

It's fair enough to find that society sucks in many ways but that doesn't have to impact negatively on our relationship with ourselves or the divinity that is the true nature of Life!

Believers and non-believers

Some people believe
  and see evidence of a loving creator/sustainer everywhere,
some people want to believe
  but cannot see proof of a loving creator/sustainer
   in the world around them or within them,
  generally, I believe, because they are too dismayed by,
 and focused upon, the disharmonious world of man,
and other people do not want to believe
and either ignore evidence of a loving creator/sustainer,
or else cannot see it, as a result of being too focused
    on the grossly physical,
 rather than on the subtler spiritual dimensions,
    of life!

We need to keep those pesky "free-thinkers" in line!

The real war is between freedom and tyranny

The real war is between freedom and tyranny.

Tyranny is where a small number of people have control over vast segments of the population, the land they live on, or the means through which basic human needs are fulfilled.

Any law or belief that encourages the centralization of power will promote tyranny, even if the centralization is sold as being a benevolent thing.  Freedom is freedom from the restraint of others, through their laws, norms etc.  Any push to have people tow the line of a government agenda works against freedom and towards tyranny.  Also anything that encourages a small group of people to own an unnecessarily large portion of total resources will lead towards tyranny.

An atheist is someone...

An atheist is someone...
who wants physical proof ...
      of a non-physicalreality!

What goes on? The Velvet Underground (MUSIC)

Jesus speaks on salvation

...We foresaw that this reaction would only deepen the rift between science and religion and attempted to counter it with a more universal view of salvation.

Our intent was to make it clear that your salvation is not the automatic result of outer criteria, such as membership in a certain church, being baptized or declaring me to be your Lord and Savior.  Instead, your salvation depends on your state of consciousness, which is an inner criteria that can be met regardless of your outer religious affiliation—or lack thereof.

Jesus (through Kim Michaels).

Full article here.

Philosophy of health

It’s not a crime to have a different philosophy of health
       than that which is common,
 although there are those who seem to wish it was!

Jesus speaks about The Passion of the Christ film

"When you watch any movie, it is highly advisable that you pay attention to your energy level before and after the movie. If you notice a drop in your energy level, you can be certain that the movie has drained your positive energies. Most movie makers are not aware of what they are doing, yet nevertheless such movies are always influenced by dark forces, who are using the movie to steal people's positive energy. This is especially true for movies that shock people, either through images of horror, sex or violence.

I think people watching “The Passion” and paying attention to their energy level will notice that they feel drained of energy after having watched the movie. The reason is simple. This movie puts undue attention on my suffering before and during the crucifixion. Quite frankly, I would prefer that no Christian would see the images of a crucified person covered in blood and portrayed to be Jesus Christ.

That simply is not an accurate depiction of the crucifixion. Ob…

Greedy reptiles pull the strings...

middle management drones do the organizing...

and "rednecks" and "grunts" carry out the dirty work!

When the “developers” arrive

When the “developers” arrive
  I just accept that the reptiles 
 have come to destroy my area
   and it’s time to move on.

After all, that’s the way of the world isn’t it?