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911 ignorance in conversation

Q. Who did the 911 attacks?
A. Al Qaeda

Q. How do you know?
A Saw it on TV.  They told me.

Q. How did the TV presenters know?
A. The Bush administration told them.

Q. How did the Bush administration know?
A. Evidence.

Q What evidence?
A. A passport showed up and some photos of terrorists getting on a plane, I think.

Power elite truth teller (VIDEO)

Christians, spirits, demons

Many Christians say there are no spirits of the "dead"
 and that the only spirits humans connect with are demons.

They clearly haven't read the Bible closely enough.

"Test the spirits to see whether they are from God."
"Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ
       has come in the flesh is from God"
1 John 4:1-2

This is from the New Testament, written after the life of Jesus,
and in my opinion of more worth than the writings on the subject
in the Old Testament, which in many cases seems to just be the opinion
of old men who knew little about the subject!

When interacting with anyone, living or "dead"
  the point is to become wise about what constitutes
        a healthy relationship
   whether with a "spirit"
    or a living person.

And then you won't accept a disrespectful,
     manipulative one-
   such a one a Christian may call a devil...
but really, just a lost soul!!

Sharka Todd

Skeptics & proof of the supernatural

There is no irrefutable proof of the supernatural possible.
Anything that occurs can be explained away as mass hallucination
or some kind of trick. This keeps those who don't want to believe
happy in their bubble of disbelief. It's a win-win.

911 attacks- no escape for perps

If I had found out who was truly behind the 911 attacks
 the day they occurred I would have been very angry.

Luckily I didn't find out until a couple of years later,
 but I still, to this day, am disgusted by what that
  criminal gang of lowlifes did
         to start their wars of conquest.

I'm not sad to realize that each soul involved
  in that disgraceful act of cowardice
will have to face up to what they have done
  in the fullness of time and either make amends
 or face the second death where they are erased forever.

Barry Long - real v phony enlightenment (AUDIO)

"This is not positive thinking...
 this is the actuality."
                                  Barry Long

Evidence extends beyond science

People who think scientific evidence 
  is the only valid form of evidence-
    have presumably never heard
  of the legal profession!

Evidence & personal bias

When people say:
      "There is no evidence for XXXXX"
    what they usually mean is:
      "There is no evidence for XXXXX
          that I am aware of
        or that I accept".

People far more readily
  and unquestioningly
      accept evidence
   for things it suits them to believe-
      than for things they find offensive
    and the "level of proof" required
   is correspondingly lower!

Debunking- often nonsense!

Everything can be "debunked"-
 even if the debunking is total nonsense!

True v phony skeptics

True skeptics make no assumptions about what is possible or impossible in this world and are willing to accept that just because they haven't experienced something for themselves it doesn't mean it isn't possible or doesn't exist.

False/phony/pseudo skeptics assume everything that can or does happen happens in a naturalistic way, in the way naturalism is currently understood.  They assume that nothing can occur that is outside of our current understanding of what is natural.  Anything that occurs that seems to break naturalistic laws, as currently understood, is dismissed as some kind of trick or hallucination.

Once we make assumptions about the limits of what is possible we have gone from being a true skeptic, to being a believer in a limited world view, whether it be naturalism or some other kind of limited belief structure.

In other words, phony skeptics are trying to hold onto a world view and defend it against all opposing views whereas true skeptics don't tr…

Son of man

Automatic, like the people!

Truth is spherical not linear!

Reality extends in all directions,   including non-physical ones-  and has been described as spherical!


Those who still believe the Bush
  administration's story
     about 911
are either
      or in denial!


Although I argue in favor of God/Gods
 that doesn't mean I belong to a religion
which, to me, are often designed to
 limit and control people
rather than deliver true
 spiritual understanding
     and freedom!

God, evidence, logic

Some people say there is no evidence for God
 whilst others would say the whole universe is evidence of God.

For those things where the scientific method
  cannot help us come to a clear conclusion
we are left with our own experience and logic.

Logic says that life cannot come from non-life
 and that a physical universe has to have some kind of creator(s).
But when is comes to how this/these original creator/creators came into being,
 logic falls short.
Clearly, anything that exists outside of space-time
 is not subject to time as physical beings experience it.
So to speak of "before" and "after" may make no sense
  in a non-physical world
(which may have attributes like time or may not).

But one thing that is clear, at least to me,
 is that if life exists now
  it must have existed in some kind of form
 (or formlessness)
   all along!

God and time

Whoever created space-time (the physical universe)
 clearly exists "outside" of it
  (and able to operate through it?)
 which means they are not subject
  to the time constraints of this world.

This means the being or beings who created this world
  exist outside of its time structures
   and are not subject to them.

So to ask when this being or beings came into existence
 is meaningless when using time as it is understood in this reality.

Everything outside time-space is not subject to it
 and so it would be more accurate to say than non-physical beings
  which are not subject to this world
 simply are, and in a sense, always have been
when viewed from this dimension which has its own time reality.

It doesn't mean those beings are the "original being"
 but that those beings that created this world
  cannot be talked about with reference to the time scale
 of this physical dimension!

Sharka Todd

Science: propaganda tool of the power elite?

The scientific method is good and many useful discoveries have been made by science but it is important to realize that once a movement becomes sufficiently large and powerful establishment forces will attempt to take it over and manipulate its direction and the messages it sends.

This happened with Christianity in 380 AD and has progressively happened with science during the last 2 centuries.

By gaining control of public and private institutions and their mouthpieces, the media, elitist forces control the direction and messages put forward by "science" (and other movements) which now becomes an establishment propaganda tool and is used for population management and control, as religion once was, and still is, in some places.

The ultimate goal is to promote the elitist or establishment agenda which seems to be ever increasing control over the planet and its resources.  This is made easier when hierarchical power structures are put into place which makes manipulating the dir…

Establishment puppets

Anyone who spreads establishment propaganda
 is just an establishment puppet-
  although they generally think they are "well informed"-
but only of the establishment view,
   it would seem!

The public are duped and robbed...
 time and again!

Given that life exists
 anything that is not life affirming
is signalling its own demise!

Some of the most dangerous people
 will assault you with "facts"!

When you realize "the truth" is a lie
  and the lie is deliberate...
then at least you know where you stand!

It’s important to turn the good to bad-
  and the bad to evil!

I would say the “true believers
  are those who believe this world came about
by pure coincidence!

It’s against my philosophy
  to interfere with another beings’
         free will!

Mainstream thought is Illuminati inspired

When you turn on the TV, read a newspaper or a magazine, or listen to one of the talking heads ("authorities") you're largely getting the world according to the Rockefellers,  Rothchilds and their ilk , in my view.  Their only aim is to increase their profits and control over the world and to kill off a large percentage of the population to keep the human population at controllable levels.

Most of what is spoken about and promoted is nonsense and often the complete opposite of truth!

Fact becomes fiction and fiction fact, education becomes indoctrination, health promotion becomes disease promotion, and underlying it all is the idea that the individual human is powerless and should bow down before (Illuminati) authority!

Religion, science, the establishment

Religion was "bought out" by the establishment
  thousands of years ago
and since it has been faltering in recent times
 they have had to buy out and control
  the new "truth"-

Is science "owned" by the Illuminati, like everything else?

"Science is truth -
which is why I bought science!"
Jay Rockefeller

All physical bodies come from
  a common root stock
      (of each type)-
 and branch out from there!

Ron Paul & the elites

Ron Paul is quite dangerous to the elites
as he teaches the "freedom" doctrine-
when they would prefer we were hamstrung to them and their desires to control and continue to milk us!

Muslims, Catholics and Jews

All this hyperbole about Muslims, Catholics and Jews-
turning them into monsters
  I find unhelpful!

They are just people like everybody else,
  with a few fanatics, no doubt,
but that is the lot of the human race!

He who wants war-
 is truly a madman!

The power elite are fallen beings

Illuminati= fallen beings=power elite

I.e. those who wish to control the human race
 and turn them into slaves!

They are said to be at war with God
  seeking to prove Him wrong for giving humans free will
which they then attempt to pervert and lead astray.

Every mainstream idea is either Illuminati-
  or impossible to deny!

God & Art

Ultimately there is only

More to knowledge than science

Some people think science is the only reliable way
      of knowing anything
  but not all experiences happen in a lab
   under controlled circumstances-
but that doesn't make them any less real
     or important!

Are life, consciousness and being synonymous?

Humans attribute consciousness to animals but not generally to plants or minerals.
But even then we have only a vague notion of what consciousness actually is.

Obviously, consciousness suggests an awareness of our environment but this is also true of plants and microbes.  Indeed, all living things needs environmental awareness if they are to continue to survive and thrive in this world.  The question is: can this awareness be mechanical and blind, like a robot a human may construct, or is it more likely to be an awareness that is experienced by a sentient "I".

Another question is: is consciousness an attribute of being or is consciousness effectively the being itself.  Many spiritual teachings point to objectless awareness as being the true nature of the self.  But perhaps consciousness is but an attribute of self/being.

It is also said that there is "no self" (see Buddhism) but this generally refers to the notion of self that is constructed in the mind by a self-…

Logic points to God

My own simple analysis of life is as follows:
Life cannot come from non-life,
therefore life must have been here all along.

That means, life exists outside and independent of the physical dimension
which is believed to have a beginning, and possibly an end, in time.

As only life can create life, it means "before" or more accurately, outside, space-time
life was, or more correctly, IS.

That "pre-existing"* Life could be called God but the problem with that word is that it has been overlayed with centuries of religious thought.  I continue to use it for want of a better term and because it is at least a word that people recognize as pointing beyond this limited physical dimension.

Just because pre-existing Life is "believed" (I would say, known) to exist that doesn't means this Life has anything in common with popular religious notions of God.  As many are aware, these pre-existing notions have more to do with human foibles that any believable characte…
We may be stardust come to life-
or Life living through forms made of stardust!

When people are emotionally invested in a view
  it is impossible to have a rational conversational with them about it
and it's often better to leave such areas well alone!

When people
have done their work
  they go home

Machines are the tools
  of consciousness.

The body's senses
  and its brain
   provide data-
 which the consciousness
tries to make sense
   out of!

Power and the Self

If true power lay outside the individual
  rather than within,
 then we truly would be powerless.

But what would be the use of that?

For if power does not lie with the Self
   then there is effectively no power at all,
    in the universe.

For we are each and all, the Self,
  as there can be no other!

The difference between the scientist and the mystic
  lie in where they seek truth.
The mystic looks for truth within,
  whereas the scientist looks outside the self
 into the surrounding physical world.

Scientists believe the most important truths
   lie outside the self-
Whereas I say they lie within!

Spirituality is a sham-
 if it isn't accompanied by
 a sparkle in the eye
and a spring in the step!

No matter how much the Illuminati do
  to fuck it up for everybody-
I’m still livin’ large!

Reality’s a bitch
  but only for the ego!

Describing the universe as a giant machine
 is an effort to place The Whole into a box
  to fit within the limited conceptual framework of the human mind
and is an attempt to somehow control the uncontrollable!

For every strange event
 there’s a naturalistic explanation-
Even if it’s clearly wrong!

Mind cult (pic)

Life is good

I believe life is good,
 not because I read it in a book
  or because E=mc2
 but because I’m living it now!

Gaining ability

It’s not so much how long you’ve been doing something-
 but rather the level of attention you’ve put into it
  while doing it!

What spirit allows and what spirit recommends-
 are two different things!

Leave the problems of the world: ABRAHAM-HICKS

When you take the problems of the world on your shoulders,
 your body doesn't feel good. It's just that simple.
Leave the problems of the world to the individual problem-makers of the world,
 and you be the joy-seeker that you are.


The number of things
  that are truly known
    are few
but the number of things
 that are believed
   are many!

Happiness and hope

To the happy person hope is unnecessary
  because they already have happiness.

Only the unhappy need hope (of a better future)
  because they are dissatisfied with the present!

Buddhism and self-denial

Psychologists talk about self-denial
 but to a Buddhist there is no self-
and so therefore, no self denial!

Many messiahs?

The problem is
  many people think
there can only be one messiah.

I think this is unfair
  and that everyone
 should have the opportunity to be a messiah
at some stage!

Is God a liberal?

Some would have you think
  that you couldn't be a liberal
   and believe in God.

But looking around this world
  I would have to say
    that if a God or gods created it
  then they are as liberal as hell!

The secret to peace
 lies in allowing everything to be as it is,
in this moment.

Pray to the Lord to ask for help
  and until it arrives-
surrender to what is!

An enlightened moment is one
 with no future in it!
(See Andrew Cohen)

You are "fully human"
  if you allow yourself to feel-
 as well as think!

Spirit creates all things
  including the ego
 which many people mistake
for who they really are!

All experience is objective (absolute)

It is claimed that only external, "physical" events are objective and that internal events (thoughts, feelings, sensations) are subjective.  It is also claimed that somehow outer events are more "real" or "reliable" than inner events.

But I say that anything that is experienced is real and therefore objective.  
“I personally have no doubt,
   but that doesn’t necessarily make it true.”
Andrew Cohen

Be thy own physician-
Heal thyself!

Only an immature mind believes thinking
 and acting with the herd
  is a good thing!

I'm not trying to reach die hard materialists

I'm not trying to convince die hard materialists of anything-
  after all they are quite happy to believe that we are just lumps of matter
   mysteriously created by an uncaring universe
 with individual and collective extinction as our certain end.

I wouldn't want to rain on their "parade"
  and anyway they are so happy with their beliefs
   that they are unreachable, anyway!

Does life precede the physical world?

The seeming impossibility of life emerging from non-life
  has led many to conclude
    that life must have existed all along.

This suggests life exists outside of time-space
   and is able to project itself into time-space
 through the life forms we see.

Some call this God-
   but there really is no need to put a label on it
     beyond the word "life"
    and realizing it is primarily non-physical
  but able to manifest through physical forms
 in this universe.

It’s OK to think of the body as a mechanism
   but if you think you a just a part of that mechanism
then you truly are lost!

Atheism may contain more zealots than religion now-
 at least in the west!

And here are some of their leaders!

Science and the big questions

To say that science doesn't have
  and may never have
     the answers
   to the most important questions
  freaks a lot of people out!

They look to science to not only tell them what is real-
  but also how to live-
   but I don't think it's equipped to answer these questions-
  not while it is consumed by the "outsideness" of things
and not their fundamental inner nature!

If science no longer supported materialism

If science no longer supported materialism
  would materialists change
    or would they dump science
  and begin their own materialist religion,
 finally free of the dangerous uncertainty
  of rambunctious science?

Materialists don't want to change

What I have discovered through interacting with materialists
  is that they want to remain materialists and therefore they
 are willing to support naturalistic explanations even if they are vague and unrealistic.

Such explanations would be called "woo"
 if they called into question naturalistic dogma.

But as long as naturalism is maintained, anything goes!

As for evidence or logic pointing to shortfalls in materialism
 they are ignored or treated as irrelevant.

This is also how fundamentalist religious types behave
 and I'm not the first to make that connection!

Scientism & spiritualism

Message to a friend:
The world is in love with science it seems
  and think it can answer every important question.
People like you and me seem to be becoming marginalised-
  believing in a spiritual reality.
It is becoming very uncool
  as part of the backlash against religion,
I think.

Materialism diehards cling to no hope!

I find it interesting how hard
  some people cling to materialism
    when it gives them no future-
   no meaning and ultimately,
  no hope!

Arguments & truth

Arguments are for egos.
  The truth is either seen or not seen.
Debating about it doesn't change anything!

Spontaneous generation and the death of naturalism

Naturalism is the idea that life on earth spontaneously arose from simple proteins and then evolved through genetic mutation and natural selection into the various life forms we see today.

The theory of naturalism stands in contrast to supernatural theories involving the actions of one or more gods or non-physical beings creating life on earth.

For some time naturalism has been quite popular but it has a number of sticking points that make it hard to believe for many people.  Perhaps one of the hardest things to explain using naturalist principles is how the original life form(s) began on this planet.  If we do away with extraterrestrial intervention or the supernatural actions of a God or gods or other extra-dimensional beings, to focus on naturalistic explanations, we are left with only 2 options:

(1) that life spontaneously arose from non-life on Earth, or,
(2) that the seeds of life arrived on Earth via a meteorite and took root.

When the original idea of spontaneous generation w…

Evolution quote

"Evolutionism is a fairy tale for grown-ups. This theory has helped nothing in the progress of science. It is useless."

Professor Louis Bouroune, former President of the Biological Society of Strasbourg and Director of the Strasbourg Zoological Museum, later Director of Research at the French National Centre of Scientific Research, as quoted in The Advocate , March 8, 1984.

Life as a mirror

Push against and someone will push against you
 Embrace and you will be embraced in return!

Things differentiate on a form level
  not on a being level.

Kill your self- not your body!

When I suggest people “kill their selves”
  I don’t mean kill their body,
 I mean kill their false notions of self-
that causes so much pain!

Earth can be likened to a tumbling barrel
 and we are like stones within it,
   tumbling around bumping into the sides,
 and each other and smoothing out our edges, ideally!

Anything that won't enhance your spiritual perspective
  can be dismissed as nonsense-
For it sure can't help you
   achieve God consciousness
 or any lasting peace, for that matter!

Origin of life stories

The main difference between the various "origin of life" explanations-
   lies in the number of miracles they require!

We are getting there
but how different there is from here-
   we will have to wait to find out!

The world is being remade.
  Can you feel it?
Growing pains!

Are we discrete units?

As physical beings we appear to be wholly discrete units
 separate from the things around us and each other
   but appearances can be deceiving!
For our interconnection with the world around us
  is clear for anyone who examines it!

And our inner connection with each other and the world,
  though more subtle
   can also be realized
by those with the true intent to do so!

The light in all things

I see the same light in all things.

Photo: Sharka Todd Whether rock, plant or animal.

Their shapes may differ-
  but the light being projected
 is the same!

Human world v natural world

The human world can be very harsh
   which is why we are so grateful
 that the natural world
  is so gentle and soothing!


Progress is due to the sustained attention
  we place in a given direction.

Yoda v the skeptics

“Trust your feelings, you must!” YODA

“Don't trust your feelings, trust the doctor or the scientist,
 for they are the experts, not your feelings, for they are unreliable!”

Meditators and thinkers

There are meditators
   and there are thinkers-
and ideally,
  we do both!


True purity & awareness

True purity lies in identifying
  with the spacious awareness
    which we are-
rather that with the thoughts
   and sense objects
  that come and go-
 through that space!

Nature meditators and trail bikes

Trail bike users
  and nature meditators-
    don’t mix too well!

Which is a shame-
  as both enjoy the great outdoors!

Thankfully, trail bike users usually
  don't hang around for too long
but if they do-
   it's hell!

Freedom from conflict

Freedom lies in moving away
    from fighting
  conflicting viewpoints to one's own-
to allowing them!

Then, you see, there is no problem-
  just people exercising
their God given free will!

How to be treated fairly

The vast majority of people will treat you fairly
  if you don't rail against them-
    or their cherished ideas!

Ignore materialism, move beyond religion

I would happily see the philosophy of materialism destroyed, or certainly left behind by humanity, as I see it as life negative.  Just as many atheists would like to see religion destroyed, as they see it as a bane on society.  However, destroying a belief system is impossible and to destroy it people would have to be destroyed, which is wrong and interferes with their free will.

As it is, materialism is widely promoted by the institutions of this civilization (partly why certain Muslims hate the west- fairly, in my opinion) and there is no end in sight to that dominance.  Others cling to the outdated notions of religion which usually contains a mixed bag of good instruction and nonsense.  There is a third way and it can be reached by the intelligent, open- hearted and minded ones and is the path that has been walked by all the enlightened ones throughout the ages.  But that path, you will have to find for yourself!

Is there only one "critical thinker"?

I have often wondered if all the people on the internet who claim to be "critical thinkers"
are just the one person.  After all, they seem to have the same view on almost every issue, even those which are highly contentious, and for which there is a great deal of evidence to suggest they are wrong.  Interestingly, so-called critical thinkers always seem to back establishment views.  How this makes them a critical thinker, I don't know.  Mindless consumers of establishment drivel would be a better name!

"Awareless" not thoughtless!

When someone calls someone else “thoughtless”
  they usually mean “awareless”-
Because it’s people being consumed by thought-
  that makes them so blind in the first place!

Science is able to describe physical attributes of things-
  but is it able to discern meaning?
Or is attributing meaning purely a function
   of consciousness?


To some sad people
   it's wrong to entertain an idea
that hasn’t already been scientifically “proven”
 or doesn't fit into their small view of reality
  which some call "materialism".

Consensus isn't truth

Having your beliefs supported by the TV talking heads
   does not make you right!
And nor does having certain earthly "authorities" agree with you.

 For the earth is a veil of illusion, no doubt,
    and finding agreement among those equally blind-
  does not make you right!

The problem with assholedom
    is we only recognize it
in ourselves-
   in hindsight!

Thoughts v actuality

Thoughts are about a thing and not the thing itself.
  Many people seem to forget this and confuse the two
    believing that thoughts about a thing are somehow “true”.
     But this truth is a very small thing compared with the reality or being of the thing itself.
Because only the thing itself is true, because it IS the thing itself-
  and not a secondhand description of it!

Fundamentalists get hung up on words

Fundamentalists mistake the description of a thing for the the thing itself-
      which it clearly isn't.
For example: a description of a rose is not the rose, itself,
  nor is a description of a person the person, themselves.

Religious and secular fundamentalists seem to forget this
  and become very attached to descriptions of things-
as if that is the truth itself
   when it is only a way of gaining an intellectual handle on something
     but can never deliver a a true understanding of the thing-
which is only gained by being "with" the thing
   in thoughtless awareness!

Spirit v ego

Common beliefs and truth

Only if the majority of mankind was highly enlightened
  would common beliefs
be likely to reflect the truth!

Phoney skepticism

It's easy to be skeptical of other people's beliefs-
anyone can do that.
The real challenge lies in applying the same level of skepticism
   to one's own views!

Poor v good science

It’s much cheaper and easier
   to conduct poor science
    than good science
And you are more likely to get the results you want
   or expect that way!

No spiritual realm = no spiritual experience

If people discount the possibility
  of a spiritual realm existing     then it goes without saying
they also discount the possibility  of receiving any kind of spiritual insight!

Skepticism & science

Some good science gets done
  but a lot of poor and imitative “science” is also conducted
 often by those who have a vested interest
in achieving a certain outcome.

Unfortunately we don't have time to investigate deeply
 every science report presented
and so we must exercise skepticism
  towards all of it!

911- witness v government accounts

I trust witness accounts given on the day of 911 far above
  the very different account given by government officials later.
After all, the Bush administration proved itself to be deeply duplicitous after this event
  so why should their account of what happened on that day be trusted at all?
 The fact that many people still do-
   I find quite amazing and sad!

Why steel framed buildings don't collapse due to fire

By Sharka Todd


Steel is a very good conductor of heat.  Therefore, when heat is applied to a limited area of a steel beam the heat is transferred away from site of contact which enables the steel beam to stay at a safe temperature throughout it's length.  As a result it maintains strength and doesn't fail.

Therefore, a fire of a given temperature will not raise the temperature of a steel beam to that temperature, unless the whole beam is subject to the same degree of heat, which is highly unlikely given the limited nature of fire and the way it moves throughout a building- dying down here and flaring up there.  This enables steel framed buildings to continue standing even during the most catastrophic of fire events.

So why did WTC1,2 and 7 collapse on 911?  Simply, bombs in the buildings (likely combined with steel cutting charges).

GEORGE W. BUSH, JR: SAID: "Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th"
BUT HE DID NOT SAY:  "particularly ones that implicate me, my friends and family
  in an act of mass murder!"

Veneer of science

Many ideas and products are sold under the banner of "science"
   but if you look closely you will see that it is just a veneer-
and that there is nothing truly scientific about them at all!

Only repeat what authorities say

It's terrible when people say something unscientific.
 We should repeat only
   what the appropriate authorities
 have said is true!


I don’t like to put unnecessary chemicals
   in my body or on my skin-
which makes me “anti-science” to some!

Do elites promote materialism?

Are global elites responsible for the promotion of materialism-
 (the idea that we are flesh and blood and nothing more)
   that is taught in every major school and institution?

It has been said that any philosophy
    that makes the common man feel powerless and irrelevant
     is of service to the elites.

I would say materialism fits nicely into this category,
  along with certain religious beliefs
    that teach that humans are sinful beings
     who must obey an authoritarian God
  (whose messages are dutifully relayed by the elites of the Church)
 or face an eternal, fiery hell.

Ideas of humans being powerful creators-
 with the ability to shape their world in profound ways
    are not promoted by the controlled institutions
  who teach how small and irrelevant we all really are
 and that we should accept the view of the world
   taught by "authorities"-
    who are all ultimately on the payroll
   of the luciferian elites themselves!

Skeptics v pseudoskeptics

Skeptics apply their skepticism to both their own beliefs
  and to the beliefs of those around them,
whereas pseudoskeptics only apply their skepticism
  to the beliefs of those they disagree with
   and give their own beliefs a free pass!


By calling other people's ideas "woo"
 without addressing them intelligently-
   we show just how lazy and ignorant
 we really are!


It's OK for people to be materialists
    if they like being depressed-
 but they shouldn't attempt to force their hopeless ideas about life
   onto anyone else!

Junk users

Kids shooting up junk in the park
    just want peace-
 And I give it to them!


What is the appropriate behaviour towards plants?
   Should we treat them as feeling beings-
  as many have reported they are?


I have long thought the interesting question isn't
     Does God exist?
 but, rather,
     What is God?

Hold onto nothing

My friend the fully enlightened master
  said that he knew nothing...
    but he did seem to receive regular revelations-
which he promptly forgot!

It's not a matter of being wrong or right...
   it's a matter of being right!


I like the democratic nature of postmodernism.
  All thought forms treated equally-
 as a  unique way of looking at things!

911 engineers of the twin towers sued?

I wonder if the builders of the World Trade Center towers that collapsed on 911 have been sued?  After all, they designed the buildings to withstand the impact of a fully fuel-laden Boeing 707 without collapsing.  Therefore, the collapse and resulting loss of life should result in a number of lawsuits being brought against the engineers who designed the buildings- for negligence and breach of contract.  That is, unless the multiple reports and recorded sounds of explosions in the buildings meant that they were actually brought down by explosives and not by the fires on that day.  I would like to see a court case to examine these issues.

I’m always telling people to “use the force”-
   to which they usually respond by scratching their head!

I respect heroin addicts
   more than I do religious fanatics
because at least they haven’t allowed themselves to be brainwashed
  with nonsense!

Every dastardly evil I do
 is forgiven by the butterfly!

True intelligence isn’t about understanding
it’s about understanding life-
    as we live and experience it!

A camp called Pethanon.

The answers to life, the universe and everything...
  can be found through logic,
and through open- hearted and minded-

Some people have replaced religion with science.
   IMO both are overrated!

Coon Cat Banana

Basell Snort Hickley

Does school make children violent?

I don’t accept that the Bible
  is entirely the word of God-
but I do accept that many statements in there
are godly!

I was poking fun at English boffins-
  but it was just a joke!

Some people's God is science-
 no doubt!

Although I drive the 3300
there are those that favour the K10.

 Caring what others think is human nature;
caring too much what others think-
  is human disaster!

The thing about brain washing is
  you don’t know you’re subject to it-
 until you've gone beyond it!

The true nature of reality and consciousness-   I don’t think has been fully understood!

My two fav words are “bonjadour” and “yoo beaoody”!

The existence of the prickle
  is not necessarily evidence-
of God’s malevolence
 or benign indifference!

Dan Millman- The Life You Were Born to Lead

There’s no need for grand philosophies,
  we just take things as they come!

Tonk Dalgleish

Flies are very cool!

I try to be as “Illuminati” as I can-
  to keep the Lizards off my back!

As Steve Jobs never said:
 “stay ludicrous, stay young”.

Girl from Ipanema, Putting on the Ritz

The peanut gallery

“Any word used to label a man also applies to me.
                                          I’m not special.”
Barry Long(ish)

Powerful emotions
     drive people
into a narrow state of consciousness!