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The danger of having an alternative opinion

Even hinting that what another person believes
      may be wrong ...
 or that another view may exist...

can get you into a lot of trouble!

Was Earth created perfect?

Was earth originally created perfect and then later corrupted?

Is the US Federal Reserve a parasite?

Is the US Federal Reserve a parasite sucking on the US economy?

Is it a dark invention designed to funnel money away from the American people into the hands of a wealthy elite?

Does difficulty bring forth inner beauty?

Life may seem imperfect to some but if should be remembered that it takes the irritation of outside forces on a mollusc to create a pearl.  Perhaps similar difficulty is needed for us to create our “pearl of great price”!  To me, that pearl of great price is an inner flowering of great beauty that life can produce in us if we submit to it's demands rather than resist them!

Guns in America

The good news is that in America you can get hold of a machine gun
  and mow people down.
The bad news is that in America you can get hold of a machine gun
 and mow people down.

"Our guru is the best guru"

All spiritual movements think their guru
 is the best guru,
or at least the best guru living.

And why wouldn't you?

Clearly they are the best guru for you
  otherwise you would leave
 and find another!

Philip Glass - Metamorphosis I (MUSIC)

I class myself as an official student of Philip Glass at the moment.

His music can become a dangerous addiction!

Forgiveness is needed for peace of mind

Forgive and forget and live in heaven...
or hold onto a grudge and inhabit hell!

When people tell you what you can't do

If anyone tells you what you can and cannot do
   with your life
 the only appropriate response
   is to tell them
    to f*** off!

Who wins an argument?

The only “person” who wins an argument is “the devil” because the people involved are always made less by it.  Arguments are battles of ego which reduce us to the worst version of ourselves.  They are projections outwards of our disquiet with life.  The trick is to not let anyone deceive you into beginning an argument in the first place!

The comments section on YouTube videos

The comments section on many spiritually themed YouTube videos are where the lost vipers of humanity hiss at each other and particularly at anyone who has any inkling of light in their souls.  I find it best to leave the vipers to their pit of anger and despair and stay with the light of my soul, by ignoring them and the vitriol that overflows from their demented minds.

Feelings and "enlightenment"

Being “enlightened” means to fully feel and to not be afraid of feeling. For feeling is an essential part of the totality of who we are and to attempt to avoid or suppress them will only cause us to constrict and to be a smaller being than we are meant and capable of being!

Those who fight demons are being controlled by them

Interestingly, many people who claim to be "fighting" demons are actually being controlled by them.  The reality is, if you are being driven to fight anything, you are being driven by demons, or at least your lower nature, no matter what you believe you are fighting.  True spirit allows things and people to be as they are, whereas false spirit (lower mind or ego) is always at war with something.

Therefore anyone who in running around pointing at this or that as being "evil" is in fact, in my opinion, being driven by their lower nature and any demons that may be along for the ride.  For low beings enjoy the discord that conflict creates and seem to gain some kind of sick thrill from the battle between people.  If you are caught up in such a battle, disengage immediately for you are only feeding your lower nature and are moving further away from the peace that passes all understanding and which brings you closer to your divine self, or the kingdom of heaven that lie…

When to engage or disengage with another

When there is mutual caring for the well-being of the other and mutual interest in what is being shared then engaging with another- whether physically (in person) or through technological devices- is healthy.  When there is not a mutual concern for the well-being of the other or mutual interest in what is being shared then engaging with the other is unhealthy and it is wise to disengage.

We find much interaction on the internet and even in person is unhealthy.  It is one person playing ego games with another with no real interest in the other or their well-being.  In such cases it is always harmful to continue the transaction.  You will know this by how you feel.  If you feel poorly when interacting with another then your well-being is not being looked after and disengagement is the wise thing to do.  When their is mutual care and interest you will know this because you will feel good in your interaction with the other.  In such cases continued interaction, until one or both are read…

The outer and inner path

All religions have an outer and an inner path.

The outer path consists of all the rules and regulations of the religion:
  do this, don't do that.
The hope is that by following this outer path
   the individual will be transformed into a more loving person
  better suited to serving all life.

The inner path refers to how we relate to our inner state-
 our thoughts and feelings.
The goal of the inner path is to transform consciousness
 by being attentive to the contents of our mind
  and choosing thoughts that promote a balanced, harmonious,
   accepting and loving attitude towards life.

Ultimately, it is the inner path that has the ability to lead us to the promised land.
The reason for this is that the promised land is a state of consciousness,
  rather than a place.
Therefore, it is our consciousness that need to change to achieve such a state.

As Jesus said: the kingdom of heaven is within you,
 meaning the kingdom of heaven is a state of consciousness
  and it is up to each …

Who created imperfect conditions on Earth?

Text by Kim Michaels

Rednecks and greenies

It's important to realise "rednecks" and "greenies" share the same planet and neither can have everything their own way!

2 conflicting views on life

View 1: The universe doesn't give a damn for you or your feelings.
View 2: Your feelings (along with your thoughts) determine your reality.

Spiritual perspective

Some people say there is no
    "spiritual perspective"
   but for some of us...
it's the only one that matters!

The benefits of being in nature

Photo by Sharka Todd
Outdoor in nature provides the best air,
   the best sounds
     and the best views.

All you need to do
  is make yourself comfortable enough...
 to enjoy it!

A "whale" of a time

If you are not having a "whale" of a time
  at least some of the time...
   then there is a problem
 and it needs to be addressed!

Benefit of nature photography

Photography amuses the mind
  while you can enjoy the pleasure
 of spending time in nature
  without getting bored!

Photo by Sharka Todd

Fight or live, you can't do both!

I could fight with people who don’t share my views
 or I could gain a greater understanding of life
  through living and observing it, closely!

Science: the study of what, not why

Science is the study of the what, not the why,
 and actually starts to believe that the what is the why.

This is what gives birth to materialism
 and why consciousness is largely ignored!

For it is only at the level of consciousness
 that the why of events can begin to be understood!
For at the level of physical matter all we have is the what!

Self-discovery through experiencing life-

is what young people need...
not endless schooling!

Jamie xx - Obvs (MUSIC)

From the excellent "In Colour" album.

What are "demons"?

"Demons" are pure beings, originally,
who fell victim to fear and became ugly to behold.

Still they are afraid and make "faces" in the dark,
  where they remain...
afraid of the light and the revelation
  of true identity it promises!

If the visible portions of ourselves...

are not the most important

then why would they be
  for ANYTHING else?

People who claim CERTAINTY of knowledge...

Photo: Sharka Todd

 are out of touch
   with the MYSTERY
   of life!

Bottle collection

Photo: Sharka Todd
Bottles: Pabb Lowe

Altering your consciousness with anything but alcohol-

is forbidden!


that is the goal
 of any FREE lifestyle!

Because she's pretty.


The night often starts with this. (MUSIC)

What is possible on earth

The choice is up to us!

The battle for the heart of religion and science

There is a battle for the heart and soul of religion and science
   for the stories each tells will depend upon who does the telling
     and what their motivations are-
   for evil people have told evil stories
 using the banner of both religion & science!

Everything "debunked"!

If there's a point of view you don't like
        don't worry...
someone, somewhere has "debunked" it!

It's just a matter of choosing
what you don't want to believe
   and then to go searching for those who have "debunked" it!

Problem solved- you can now safely ignore
     that troublesome idea
  and attribute to those who accept it
     the labels of fool, fraud, ignoramus, etc.

Because you know better-
    after all, you have read that someone, somewhere-
  has debunked it!

Philip Glass, India (MUSIC)

When emotions overflow...

My accoutrements are killing me!

The super nintendo is in there somewhere!

The way through the madness...

Art by BANKSY,
Doorway by Sharka.

Jellyfish sting leads to God (VIDEO)

Why argue with atheists...

when you can commune with God!

Essential Philip Glass track

The master by the seashore

Christ name is CODE...

for the ultimate loving,
     contented man

  strong in his knowing

flowing in his manner
  and approach!

Disinterest level 0.

#1 reason people fail to serve Love

Most people are too attached to appearing "cool" in other people's eyes to commit to publicly serving Love.  Love is not cool, particularly among the young and "hip".  To humble yourself and be a servant for Love rather than for ego and pomposity is something few are will to do:

"...unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."  Matthew 18:3,4

People are willing to turn their back on the eternal values of truth to appear "hip" in other people's eyes.  Sadly, by serving such worldly values one loses one's soul in the process.  It is a trade that is not worth making.  Better to appear to be a fool to worldly man and be in harmony with the love of God than to be accepted among men but lost to the true spirit that dwells within.

Music in harmony with nature

Not all music humans create is in harmony with the natural world.  In fact, much modern music is not.

Recently I tested playing various types of human music in nature and discovered that some Philip Glass, in particular, works well.  So does quality classical music, as well.

The Philip Glass pieces which I discovered work well include:
Opening, Islands, Facade and Closing off his Glassworks album.

Air music video

Becoming the next Wayne Carey

I recommend to young footballers
   if they want to be "the next Wayne Carey"
     to consider taking up judo, jujitzu...
                 and ballet!

How to understand something

If you want to understand something
 you need to Be with It-
  not think of It!

Conceiving of God

Thankfully no-one can conceive of God
 for what can be conceived of
  can be owned and controlled-
like some kind of brand, or something.

Nothing that's real can be truly conceived of
   in its entirety.
It's just a mind model we are responding to
  not the actual being thing
    we are referring to.

If God is the author of All
 or the Beingness of All...
then, clearly, the idea that we can
     accurately conceive of
          this being
       is nonsensical!

Seek with humility

If a person digs deeply into life
     seeking to learn from all
 rather than simply seeking to affirm
   what they already think they know-

I believe the results will be good!

People have no idea...

People have absolutely no idea
 how much God loves them
  and all things-

for He is those things!

Life is far more vivid...

by Akiane
lived in spirit!

Painting visions of the spirit world

Akiane Kramarik, painter, poet and visionary extraordinaire. Here is a video that collects a number of TV appearances she has made.

Self-identification and others

Don't let your idea of yourself be too influenced
   by those around you-

Unless you are surrounded by Jesus, the Buddha...
    or one of their emissaries-

In which case...        listen intently!

Otherwise, you will be subjecting yourself
   to projections from other people's unconscious minds
 which may not represent the deeper reality.

The great fencing revolution

One of the primary moves being made today
   is the movement from fencing out the world
  to fencing in your world!

It makes free movement
   throughout the shared world
 so much easier!

Worth of a spiritual path

Part of the proof of the "worth" of a spiritual path-
 lies in the glowingly happy faces
  of some of those who walk it!